Hanryu Holdings

Wall Street is Embracing the Fast-Growing Korean Wave with Hanryu Holdings, Inc

Increased Interest in Korean Culture Could Soon Turn Hanryu Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HRYU) Into the Next Social Media Phenomenon! Newly traded HRYU is the company behind FANTOO, a leading Global Platform connecting Korean culture fans all over the world!

One of the most potent cultural movements of the 21st century was the phenomenon of Korean pop music, otherwise known as K-pop.

But today, it’s a K-EVERYTHING kind of world!

From music to movies, technology to food, the world has fallen in love with everything South Korean. The Korean Wave is a cultural phenomenon in which the global popularity of South Korean popular culture has dramatically risen since the 1990s. Also called Hanryu or Hallyu, Korean culture is growing rapidly with the spread of art, music, and entertainment. Korean culture is encompassing everything from music, movies, and drama to online games, makeup, and Korean cuisine just to name a few.

How is emerging player Hanryu Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: HRYU) aiming to capitalize on this massive and growing opportunity?

With its mission to spread Hanryu all over the world, the company has created an all-inclusive global playground for fans, where they can consume, create, and get rewarded for all things related to their Hanryu fandom.

It’s called the FANTOO platform, and it is a “fandom” community that may be UNLIKE ANY OTHER OUT THERE!

On the FANTOO platform, global Hanryu fans get access to news, popular culture, discussions, live shows, and fan creativity.

Think Facebook for the Koean Wave….

“Hanryu Holdings, a leading global K-Wave culture company, is emerging as a business that never stops to challenge to show new values and provide joy to K-Wave fans around the world in love with K-Wave. Today, K-Wave is at the center of worldwide popular culture, spanning America, Europe, and Africa, beyond Asia. The K-Wave craze is not limited to K-Pop but has expanded to a variety of fields such as beauty, drama, and movies, establishing itself as a mainstream culture of the world. We launched the global K-Wave platform “FANTOO” via continuous technological innovation and business advancement to create a playground for fans worldwide with fandoms in diverse fields. By maximizing the integration and synergy among R&D of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain as well as various businesses, we have been growing and enhancing the corporate value.” – CEO Kang Chang hyuk

How big is the K-wave exactly?

  • Not that long ago Netflix’s Squid Games put Korean drama into the spotlight. The Korean thriller told the story of debt-ridden people competing for a huge cash prize in a deadly series of children's games
  • The dystopian Netflix drama had millions upon millions of fans and picked up multiple award wins. Koreans celebrated the awards as the latest example of their country's rise as a cultural powerhouse.
  • Since their debut in 2013, Korea’s K-pop group BTS has become the epitome of pop music phenomenon. They've been nominated for two Grammys, and they've charted four number 1 albums.

Squid Game and BTS are just two examples of the growing cultural phenomenon coming out of Korea.

  • During former president Barack Obama’s state visit to Korea in March 2012, he made reference to the Korean Wave, which was made the country’s top priority by the government.
  • South Korea is one of the only countries in the world, if not the only one, that has a dedicated ambition to become the world’s leading exporter of popular culture. It is a way for Korea to develop its “soft power.
  • Hanryu first spread to China and Japan and then later to Southeast Asia and several countries worldwide. It was in 2000 that a 50-year ban on the exchange of popular culture between Korea and Japan was partly lifted. This explains the surge of Korean popular culture among the Japanese in recent decades.
  • South Korea’s broadcast authorities have also been sending delegates to promote their TV programs and cultural content in several countries.

Some important factors have been crucial for maintaining the popularity of Korean culture:

Growing popularity of Korean brands


The Korean brands are doing the exact same thing to Japanese brands now, what the Japanese brands did to US brands during the 1960s and 1970s. Samsung and LG have been the forerunners in creating world class brands in the consumer electronics industry. The acceptance of these brands has helped create a new interest in Korea that is a great driver of Hanryu

Increased R&D in design, production and overall quality


The popularity of leading Korean brands across the world including the US has highlighted certain key dimensions of success for Koreans – superior quality, cutting edge designs and a contemporary feel for the products and services.

Effective management of all touch points


Even though multiple factors have tremendously influenced the birth and evolution of Hanryu, one of its drivers is careful and effective management of all possible touch points. The entertainment industry, the different organizations involved in movies, music companies, online gaming companies, Korean chaebols and the Korean government have meticulously orchestrated their efforts in ensuring a consistent experience.

Continuous support from the Korean government


Korea is probably one of the only countries in the world that has a Ministry of Culture (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to be exact). A division of the ministry, the Popular Culture Industry Division, focuses on Korean pop music, fashion, mass entertainment, comic books, cartoons, and other key products. The division along with three other divisions are referred to as the Cultural Content Office. Its budget is a staggering USD 5.5 billion, with the aim to boost economic growth particularly through growing the country’s cultural industry export industry.

As K-culture continues to sweep the world, Hanryu Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HRYU) is flipping Wall Street on its head with its revolutionary global platform!

A new kid in Social Media town…

While social media isn’t new anymore, it’s still a fast-growing industry. By 2025, the number of social media users is expected to climb to 4.4 billion. That’s roughly half the global population

HRYU has a massive market

  • People spend 1/7 of their waking lives on social media.
  • The average social media user spends 2 hours and 29 minutes each day on social platforms.
  • The average internet user now has an account on almost 9 social media platforms.
  • Over 9 out of 10 users access social media via a mobile device.
  • Statistically there is a new social media user approximately every 10 seconds

The biggest social networks still make most of their money from advertising, but social media is maturing and generating revenue from sources such as e-commerce, digital payments, and video games

More Reasons to Have HRYU on Your Radar Right Now

  • 1 The common stock only began trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market on August 1, 2023 under the symbol "HRYU". This is all VERY fresh and as Wall Street continues to discover the company, it could lead to stupendous share value growth!
  • 2HRYU's primary opportunity comes from the growing global interest in the Korean Wave and expanding influence of K-Culture. According to a study undertaken by the Korea Institute, K-Culture influence was ranked No.7 worldwide in 2021 among country cultures with the most worldwide influence, and the number of Korean Wave fans increased from approximately 35.0 million in 2015 to approximately 156.6 million in 2021 across 116 countries.
  • 3 Along with the growth of the Korean Wave, online and mobile platforms were the most common channels for fans to access content representing K-Culture. This places the FANTOO platform in an ideal position as a mobile application for fans to access Korean Wave content.
  • 4 Due to global conditions arising from COVID-19, FANTOO is well positioned to take advantage of the growth in the Korean Wave due to FANTOO’s ability to provide services such as virtual events and online concerts, within the FANTOO platform.
  • 5 HRYU is focused on providing user-centric services to provide a single platform that can address and satisfy the needs of fans within that platform. FANTOO will enrich users’ fandom experience by providing an all-in-one platform for fandom content, including news, popular culture, discussions, live shows, and fan creativity. FANTOO is currently available in 17 languages, with real-time translation services!
  • 6 The FANTOO platform allows users to freely create and monetize their own content, and enables fast and secure user-to-user sales on the FANTOO platform. Within FANTOO, fans are rewarded with FP, a reward token issued within the platform intended to keep current users active, as well as attract new users. The more FP a user earns, the more purchasing power the user has within the FANTOO platform to purchase goods and/or services within the FANTOO platform, either directly from us, or from other users utilizing FP.
  • 7 Addressing numerous challenges: FANTOO was designed to specifically address the numerous challenges that accompany providing a global service through its technology offerings within the FANTOO platform, including: (i) content delivery curation using artificial intelligence (“AI”); (ii) AI speech synthesis; (iii) AI-powered nudity detection and blocking; and (iv) AI deepfake detection and blocking.
  • 8 Revenue from multiple sources: HRYU has the ability to derive revenue from multiple sources, including (1) direct sales revenue, driven by advertisement, content, and e-commerce sales; and (2) revenue derived from collecting a percentage of user-to-user sales of emojis, online stickers, web novels, webtoons, translation matching, and other user-to-user transactions.

Corporate Overview

Hanryu Holdings, Inc. operates FANTOO, an online social media platform that connects users worldwide that share similar interests. Its platform allows users to interact with other like-minded users to share their appreciation of various types of entertainment and cultures, create and monetize their content, enjoy other users' content, engage in commerce, and experience a fandom community. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Seoul, South Korea. The company recently closed its initial public offering of 877,328 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $10.00 per share. Before deducting underwriting discounts, commissions, and other offering expenses, the gross proceeds of the offering were approximately $8.8 million.


FANTOO was launched in May 2021 and represents joy, freedom and happiness to fans. The platform has an objective to gather fans with common interests.

FANTOO provides a platform allowing fans to interact within their fandoms and discuss these interests, create and share content, and interact through a number of channels. Through these experiences, FANTOO users can stay connected and up to date with their fandom communities

Vote for your favorite artist No more commercial advertisements or charges! Join polls for free to send your bias various advertisements as gifts. (Is this correct? from website)

Joy of being together Create a club to communicate with users who share a common interest with you, not limited to favorite artists but also including content and more!

A reward system which turns activities into rewards A diversity of rewards for not only content creators but also general users according to their activities.

Customized Services Optimized for Users

FANTOO aims with the establishment of its socializing platform to provide content that everyone can enjoy without language barriers and shared common interests.

Fanto Club
Fanto Community
Fanto Chats
Content Creation
Fanto Fanshop

FANTOO leverages the growing groups of fans with similar interests, known as “fandoms,” in order to tap into the “Fandom Economy” and monetize the growing fandom community. Through fandoms, fans have expanded the scope of their spending in a variety of ways, including paying for advertisements, production of products that promote or express their adulation for their favorite entertainers, and purchasing merchandise, as well as supporting the activities related to their interests by enthusiastically promoting them online through social media.

With the rise of social media platforms, fans are no longer passive consumers of content, but are actively sharing ideas and acting as producers and content creators. Fans’ connectivity to fandoms is extremely high due to the ease of access allowed by mobile devices and applications. FANTOO allows fans to be proactive in their fandoms, and rewards users for their activity.

Additional Highlights:

A Direct Advertising Platform

HRYU operates its own direct advertising platform on FANTOO, which connects it directly with advertisers, as opposed to utilizing third-party advertising services, which is common on other social media platforms. This allows the company to better understand and customize advertising products, resulting in higher engagement and advertising efficiency, as well as increasing advertising revenue

Secure and Safe Platform

The FANTOO platform’s security and compliance protocols utilize AI technology, allowing for a secure user interface

High User Engagement

FANTOO’s one-stop fandom platform, paired with its in-platform reward system utilizing FP, is intended to keep users highly engaged, active, and brand-loyal. This brand loyalty is intended to facilitate the promotion of FANTOO, resulting in lower costs to promote the platform.

Diverse User Base

(A) geographically located in the following areas, 12.68% in the Philippines, 12.18% in Indonesia, 10.13% in South Korea, 11.35% in South America, 14.26% in Thailand, 9.93% in United States of America, 8.02% in Japan, 7.46% in Europe, 4.73% in Malaysia, and 9.26% in various regions (each of which constitutes less than 1% of our user base); and (B) is spread among the following age demographics, 14.68% are 12 to 19 years old, 54.28% are 20 to 29 years old, 26.59% are 30 to 39 years old, and 4.45% are 40 to 49 years old.

The age demographic between 20 to 39 years, which makes up over 80% of the FANTOO platform’s users, generally has the highest purchasing power among commercial and entertainment industries, creating an opportunity for the FANTOO platform to capture revenue from this demographic.

As such, the Company intends to use funds received from its IPO offering to expand the reach of the platform primarily across the Americas and Europe within the age bracket of 20 to 39 years old.

Growth Strategy

HRYU’s core strategy is to pursue initiatives that promote the viral growth of its fandom base, and in doing so drive user-growth, content creation, user-to-user transactions, advertising sales, and other new revenue streams utilizing the following levers:

  • Attracting fans to FANTOO on a global basis.
  • Advertising branded content.
  • Broadening our offerings within the FANTOO platform.
  • Continuous investment in research and development in our technologies.
  • Development of our intellectual property portfolio; and
  • Expanding FANTOO beyond Korean Wave fandoms to other global fandoms.

In Summary….

Hanryu Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HRYU) has presented a doorway to the Korean Wave through Wall Street.
The company’s millions of current users are enthusiasts of South Korean culture (“K-Culture”) and the Korean Wave is the current basis of FANTOO.

The growing popularity of the Korean Wave has historically been driven by social networking services and online video sharing platforms. Through these channels, the dispersion and export of South Korean arts, music and entertainment has grown rapidly from a regional influence into a global appreciation of K-Culture.

The expansion of the Korean Wave into a global phenomenon provides a significant opportunity to unite fans across the globe within the FANTOO platform and to turn HRYU into a household name in social media!

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