Developing OTC products focused on hair, skin, and sexual health, this rising NASDAQ company recently posted its strongest revenue numbers to date…

Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW) ) is innovating health science into revolutionary products aimed at skin, hair, sexual wellness, and general health.

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    Clinical Pipeline

    Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW) is proving to be an exciting player to watch in the bustling medical wellness industry as it has many exciting acquisitions!

    JUPW is targeting tremendous markets with well-known rivals that include Johnson & Johnson owned Rogaine, Abbott Laboratories owned Humira, and Pfizer’s Sildenafil. 

    Zooming in on the Women’s Sexual Wellness Category with RJ-101!


    Female audiences have been routinely placed in the shadows by major CPG companies when it comes to addressing and serving their core sexual wellness needs.

    JUPW is taking notice of this key and very important demographic that represents massive spending power.

    One of the most exciting developments the company has is RJ-101 – which could address a wide range of clinical indications including: female orgasmic disorder, nipple neuropathies after breast augmentation, and orgasmic adverse events in breast cancer survivors.

    It is covered by two issued U.S. patents - patent number 10,357,452 and patent number 10,064,816.

     “We are excited to complete the development of RJ-101 started by Dr. Andy Goren and the team at Applied Biology and to bring this novel approach to the market. I believe this product will be an excellent treatment for people with breast cancer.”

    RJ-101 is currently in pre-revenue. 

    The Company plans to initially develop this product for the treatment of nipple neuropathies in breast cancer patients through the filing of an IND.

    "This strategic asset purchase agreement adds immediate revenues to Jupiter in Q2 2022 and contributes positively towards EBITDA with no upfront cash or stock acquisition cost to our company. The acquired contracts and related assets enhance Jupiter's position as a research and development powerhouse while allowing us to enter the lucrative clinical research organization business."

    - Jupiter Wellness CEO, Brian John

    As a result of the pandemic, many women have made significant lifestyle resets at both an individual and collective level around the world. 

    Some of these changes have included how women are seeking, experiencing and demanding better sex in their day-to-day lives. Women are now giving themselves permission to speak freely about their sexual wellness needs and desires. 

    The US sexual wellness market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.27% during the period 2020−2026.  According to Business Wire, the market is predicted to reach USD $125.1 billion by 2026!

    Beauty Independent said it best, “Consumers can buy lube at Nordstrom, vibrators at Holt Renfrew and arousal oils at Urban Outfitters rather than having to patronize sex shops for intimate goods. And the sales of sex products show no signs of slowing down.” 

    Tackling the Enormous Skincare Market

    Skincare, as a market segment, is growing faster than any other part of the beauty industry.

    Just think of what our skin can go through, from bug bites to sun burns, or even more serious conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

    Skin diseases currently make up 1.79% of the global disease burden.

    The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that 84.5 million Americans — 1 in 4 — are impacted by skin diseases.

    According to Precedence Research, the global skin care products market size is predicted to surpass around US$ 204.62 billion by 2030 and growing at CAGR of 4.6% from 2021 to 2030.

    Skincare has become an increasingly popular trend as more and more people are looking for greener, healthier products that address specific skincare needs.

    JUPW is quickly becoming a leader in the medical wellness scene with an impressive and diverse development pipeline that includes products to address psoriasis, eczema, burns, herpes, and cold sores.

    In recent, exciting news, JUPW announced the acquisition of certain assets and IP of Applied Biology, Inc. a leading biotechnology company specializing in hair and skin science.

    Beyond this, the acquisition also expands JUPW’s pipeline by including treatments for: 

    • Alopecia - pipeline for the treatment of traction alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, and chemotherapy-induced alopecia.
    • Psoriasis - A topical treatment for psoriasis to be launched in late 2022.
    • Women's Health - A novel treatment for female sexual dysfunction in the clinical stage was recently granted 2 patents. 

    JUPW also recently announced it has concluded an Asset Purchase Agreement with Ascent Clinical Research, Inc. through which it has acquired certain clinical assets including clinical trial research contracts worth $3 million in annual revenues for a purchase price of 5% royalties on future net revenues generated by the assets.

    The company has signed an agreement with India-based companies Cosmofix Technology Pvt Ltd and Sanpellegrino Cosmetics Pvt Ltd for the manufacture, sale, and distribution of three proprietary products related to its recent acquisition of Ascent Clinical Research.

    This is huge news as JUPW is entitled to royalties of between 10-12% on revenues for the three products with guaranteed annual minimum royalty payments for the duration of the agreement in 31 countries in Asia and the Middle East including India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kuwait, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia!

    Pipeline Highlights for Skin Care:

    Eczema (JW-100): Topical treatment for atopic dermatitis (eczema).

    According to Jupiter Wellness, studies showed that JW-100 cleared or reduced eczema symptoms after two weeks of use. Results suggest that JW-100 may potentially prove superior to existing prescription drugs.

    A Phase 3, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter trial is underway to evaluate the superiority of JW-100 to Eucrisa a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved topical drug) in mild to moderate eczema.

    Psoriasis and vitiligo (Photocil): Topical treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo.

    JUPW says Photocil safely and effectively permits phototherapy treatments at home by blocking harmful radiation and allowing the passage of therapeutic ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

    It is anticipated that Photocil will be available online in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2022 as an FDA-approved over-the-counter product under a United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monograph for psoriasis and vitiligo.

    The company reports that clinical trial results showed that Photocil cream acts as a barrier to nontherapeutic radiation from the sun when skin is exposed to direct daylight.

    Burns (JW-300): Topical treatment of first-degree burns and sun exposure.

    JUPW reports that JW-300 was shown to significantly lower the incidence of burns in patients exposed to UV radiation.

    JW-300 is being evaluated for sale as an after-sun consumer product to complement the company’s NoStingz sunscreen — topical protection from jellyfish, sea lice, and ultraviolet A (UVA)/ultraviolet B (UVB) rays — and legacy sun care product lines.

    Cold sores (JW-400): Topical treatment for herpes labialis (cold sores).

    A phase 1, a double-blinded placebo-controlled investigational study is being planned. 

    The Sun Care Opportunity

    JUPW has signed a license agreement with Shark Defense Technologies for the exclusive worldwide intellectual property rights to formulas and production methods for jellyfish protective compounds including 4 patents pending!

    The agreement includes future collaboration to develop and refine additional formulas.

    According to Fortune Business Insights, the global sun care market was worth $13 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $17 billion by 2027.

    Novel cannabidiol aspartame combination treatment (JW-100) significantly reduces ISGA score in atopic dermatitis: Results from a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled interventional study.

    In its report, Jellyfish Gone Wild!, the U.S. National Science Foundation estimates that 150 million people are stung by jellyfish each year, with about 200,000 these occurring in Florida, and many scientists believe the number of jellyfish is increasing. 

    Jellyfish stings can vary in severity from immediate pain, swelling, itching, and tentacle print marks, to more systemic reactions such as difficulty breathing and heart problems that may be life threatening, according to the Mayo Clinic

    JUPW’s NoStingz line includes sprays and lotions for children and adults with SPFs ranging from 30 to 50, with more SKUs to be added in the near future. Each product’s dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, scientifically proven, water-resistant formula prevents stings from most jellyfish and sea lice, gives sunray and UV protection, is non-toxic for the marine environment, and is packaged in a recyclable bottle.

    NoStingz is just as good, if not better than the major name brands on the market but with the added benefit of protecting users from jellyfish and sea lice stings.

    “If you have a store near a beach, your customers want this product. If you visit the beach with your kids, you need this product."

    The Hair Loss Market

    Hair Loss (Minoxidil Booster) is a Topical treatment designed to improve Minoxidil efficacy.

    JUPW reports minoxidil is the only FDA-approved topical drug for treating common hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)!

    The company says clinical studies of Minoxidil Booster have shown it increases the enzymes needed for minoxidil to work, sulfotransferase enzymes, by up to seven times over a two-week period.

    Minoxidil Booster has been licensed to Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings, a $2.6 billion company and Japan’s leading seller of minoxidil products. It expects to launch the product commercially in 2023.

    It has also been licensed to India-based Cosmofix Technovation Pvt Ltd and Sanpellegrino Cosmetics and is expected to be launched soon.

    Revenues are Skyrocketing

    JUPW generated $3,000,582 in revenues for the three months ended June 30, 2022 compared to $595,088 revenues in the three months ended June 30, 2021.

    The company is now experiencing a greater demand for their products…

    Jupiter Wellness is on track with its 2022 roadmap and finished the first half of 2022 with momentum and our strongest revenue numbers to date.

    Go to Market Plan

    Go-To-Market Strategy: Focus on B2B and B2C sales/distribution by following channels: 

    • MMR: Sales team to continue developing and maintaining relationships with mass merchandise retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. 
    • Wholesale: Expand contracted brokers/reps to saturate independent retailers like pharmacies, doctor offices, drug stores, etc. 
    • E-Comm: Execute shrewd integrated marketing campaigns with a heavy focus on brand awareness to increase website conversions and build customer lifetime value. 
    • Strategic IP: Focus on licensing formulations worldwide.

    Growth Plan for New Products 

    • Expand B2B store count and existing shelf space 
    • Maintain retailer relationships/shelf space as regulation develops
    • Increase B2C site visitors with targeted brand awareness campaigns 
    • Optimize product offering by sales channel
    • Focus product innovation on “claims-based” products 
    • Leverage flagship brand equity with line extensions and cross-merchandising 
    • Pursue new markets that leverage brands and infrastructure (Licensing opportunities) 
    • Optimize cost structure to increase margins and EBITDA 
    • Invest in science/research to support product claims 
    • Build and maintain relationships with regulators such as the FDA


    JUPW’s clinical pipeline is competing against some of the biggest names in skin care, hair loss, and sexual wellness.

    As an emerging company on the NASDAQ, their story seems to be only now unfolding with product launches geared up for the new future…

    Revenues are climbing… demand for products is growing…. Zooming in on big distributors such as Target, Walgreens, and CVS could quickly make the company into a household name across multiple markets.

    Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW) has an innovative and exciting pipeline in several multi-billion-dollar markets that make this wellness company very exciting to watch as it reaches new heights!





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