Bargain Hunting in the Massive $1.5 Trillion-Dollar Alcohol Industry Stops with This Unique Disruptor.

Investors seeking exposure to the burgeoning alcoholic beverage market have a new option for their portfolios.

One that recently received a $26 Price Target from Litchfield Hills Research!

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    As the New Digital Face of the Massive Alcohol Industry, LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ: LQR) Leads the Way in Transforming the Future of Alcohol Ecommerce. Pioneering a Specialized Approach, the Company Establishes Itself as a Premier Online Marketplace for a Diverse Array of Alcohol Products.

    We believe LQR is undervalued, and we support that belief with two valuation techniques. To determine our price target, we use a discounted future earnings model, and we support that with a comparable valuation to peers. The average of peers 2024 market cap/sales is ~2.80x and the range is 0.66x to 7.90x. The comparable metric for LQR is 1.21x, which is less than half the average of its peers. This, and our discounted future earnings model confirm our view that the shares are undervalued. Were the shares to trade to our price target, its market cap to sales metric would define the high end of its peers but it would be fewer than two standard deviations away.”

    The Opportunity:

    According to Market research provider Euromonitor, global retail sales of alcohol were estimated to be worth more than $1.5 trillion.

    The United States, which is estimated to consume a total of approximately $283.8 billion worth of alcoholic beverages in 2023, represents one of the largest global markets for all alcoholic beverage category sales (Statista, Alcoholic Drinks – Worldwide, January 2023).  

    There is always a reason to enjoy spirits and the continued demand creates a supportive environment for businesses.

    Given the current trends in the alcohol beverage industry, brands will require distinctive marketing strategies to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

    With its unique growth-centric mission to provide these marketing strategies, LQR looks well-positioned to give the spirits landscape a MAJOR shakeup!

    The TOP Reasons to Have LQR on Your Radar:

    1. One of the newest public faces in the enormous alcohol industry.
    2. A $26 price target from Litchfield Hills Research.
    3. A 458% YOY revenue surge in December 2023, fueled by a holiday e-commerce success.
    4. Decades of experience in alcohol, finance, technology, marketing, and distribution.
    5. Potential to shine in the e-commerce space. Revenue from its e-commerce platform is expected to increase significantly in 2024 by 100%.
    6. Proprietary brands and pipeline of investment and acquisition opportunities.
    7. Innovation in branding and packaging.
    8. Positioned in high-growth segments of a stable and mature industry.
    9. Exclusive industry relationships to advance brands.
    10. Clear financial vision and simple capital structure.
    11. 30 marketing contracts in 2023 with 50+ anticipated for 2024.
    12. A tremendous influence network that is creating viral social campaigns. This includes 255+ influencers in the company's network and over 38M followers.
    13. Game-changing transactions. Beginning in early November, the Company entered a transformative series of transactions that put the company in charge of one of the largest online liquor distributors in the U.S. and launched it as a powerhouse of the industry. It also solidified its balance sheet with the addition of >$10MM of new cash.

    “We believe that LQR House continues to solidify its position as a trailblazer in the ecommerce landscape, showcasing rapid growth and innovative strategies to meet the evolving demands of consumers in the spirits and beverage industry.”

    CEO Sean Dollinger

    Company Overview:

    LQR House is a dynamic and forward-thinking e-commerce company that intends to become the full-service digital marketing and brand development face of the alcoholic beverage space. The company is actively creating value by acquiring, building, marketing, and distributing premium brands through its exclusive online networks.

    The best way to describe LQR is that they are a one-stop shop for everything related to the booming spirits sector!

    LQR House (NASDAQ: LQR) has also positioned itself as a leading provider of proprietary marketing solutions for rare and fine liquors. Brands collaborating with the company benefit from more than just visibility—they receive exclusivity. 

    The company is taking the outdated sales model of one of the biggest industries on this planet and giving it a fresh and updated look. There is enormous potential for LQR to become a powerhouse connecting e-commerce and digital channels to one of the oldest arenas around.

    The company is reshaping the alcohol industry as a pioneering e-commerce company, taking charge of for end-to-end control from inventory to sales.

    • Offering prime marketing space on its website, the company strategically connects alcohol brands with a targeted audience, defying industry norms.
    • The company challenges the industry's resistance to change, employing innovative marketing initiatives like an exclusive influencer network.  This network not only showcases alcohol products to a dedicated, younger audience but also propels traffic to With a focus on real-time data, brands gain valuable insights into campaign performance, ensuring tangible ROI. Simultaneously, customers benefit from seamless shopping experiences with door-to-door shipping for their favorite alcohol products.

    Discover how LQR House (NASDAQ: LQR) is about to give the enormous alcohol industry a MAJOR wake-up call!

    Why Does LQR Stand Out?

    Owning a premier e-commerce marketplace specializing in a diverse range of alcohol products,, LQR House is confident that its provision of marketing and brand management services to both wholly owned and third-party clients will significantly boost brand recognition. This strategic approach is expected to drive sales through the company's owned platform,

    LQR recently acquired 100% of, now the company operates one of the largest online retailers of liquor in the United States, located at, which the company refers to as the CWS Platform.

    LQR’s ecommerce platform is the cornerstone of its business!

    The website gives LQR access to approximately 241,000 customers via the CWS mailing lists and recurring traffic on the CWS Platform!

    Through strategic partnerships, creative branding, and digital prowess, LQR intends to be at the forefront of the wine and spirits marketing landscape, making it the go-to choice for brands seeking to thrive in a competitive industry.

    What do brands do? They pay LQR to design comprehensive marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and online sales for their products on

    This includes premium placements and services related to E-commerce, brick-and-mortar, importing, direct-to-consumer, and business-to-business. 

    LQR House has also established a robust network of over 550 influencers deeply entrenched in the alcohol space. These influencers, ranging from brand owners to bartenders and mixologists, play a pivotal role in creating viral content for brands utilizing LQR House's marketing services. They seamlessly guide their followers to specific product pages on, where online purchases can be made, with convenient doorstep delivery.

    With a deep passion for the world of beverages, LQR House takes pride in curating marketing strategies aimed to elevate brands to new heights. Composed of a team of seasoned professionals, the company focuses on crafting marketing solutions tailored to each client's

    The Titan of Online Liquor Retail:

    Over the past decade, numerous platforms and communities have emerged in the e-commerce sphere. However, few can rival the reputation of 

    The online liquor superstore offers a hassle-free shopping experience for a wide range of products, including gifts, wines, champagnes, spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails, thereby establishing itself as a major player in the digital liquor market.

    Through its ownership of the CWS Platform, LQR holds exclusive rights to market on the CWS platform, sell marketing placements to other brands, and establish a network of social media influencers to further drive revenue. stands as one of the leading e-commerce platforms, showcasing a curated selection of up-and-coming, well-known, premium, and rare spirits. The platform serves as a conduit for wine & spirits brands to reach consumers through convenient delivery options. It's important to note that while we do not hold licenses as suppliers, wholesalers, or retailers ourselves, the company takes pride in its ability to seamlessly connect consumers with a licensed outlet. This arrangement proves to be a mutually beneficial win for both our valued LQR House marketing clients and mainstream brands.

    The CWS platform is one of the largest online liquor retailers in the United States, curating an assortment of the most popular SKUs!

    House Brands:

    LQR has its own products that are driving growth.

    The following two brands epitomize their non-commodity-styled approach of providing premium products that pay attention to consumer demands.

    SWOL Tequila 

    SWOL Tequila is a limited-edition blend of Añejo Tequila made in exclusive batches of 10,000 bottles.

    LQR House’s Influencer network created the viral campaign #MysteryTequila to launch the product.

    • 100% of revenue is attributed to LQR House.
    • Production and importation agreements have been established. SWOL will continue to be produced by Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero in Jalisco, Mexico.
    • Launched with viral #MysteryTequila campaign on tiktok gaining around 6.3M views in one month. Marketing and distribution agreement with

    Soleil Vino Wine Club

    Soleil will offer different membership options that members can 

    customize based on preferences such as the types of wine they enjoy, and how frequently they drink wine. Our goal is to introduce people to interesting wines from around the world.


    Vault is the exclusive membership program for CWS customers. Through the CWS Platform, users can sign up for this exclusive membership where they will have access to all products available through CWS combined with special membership benefits including: (i) 10% off all products site wide; (ii) free ground shipping (2-5 business days) on orders over $50 (limited to three shipping addresses); (iii) access to special promotional offers; and (iv) free mystery vault gifts in every shipment. 

    The monthly membership costs customers $19.95 and requires an initial 3-month start-up commitment. The objective is to create a loyal customer based that provide us with recurring monthly subscription revenue. Vault also provides LQR with the means to provide customers special discounts to marketing partner brands, which it makes solely available to Vault members. LQR markets this membership on the CWS Platform and are entitled to 50% of the revenue from the subscriptions.

    A Strategic Business Model:

    Since its inception in January 2021, LQR has put its business model to the test and believes it is its path towards future success.

    • LQR owns and operates all e-commerce operations related to the CWS Platform;
    • LQR creates marketing content on the CWS Platform for brands that are paying LQR for marketing service
    • When consumers purchase products on the CWS Platform like Tequila with the company’s SWOL brand, a subscription to Vault or to the Soleil Vino wine club, or the products of its marketing service clients, CWS facilitates the distribution services related to the sale of those products.
    • LQR is the only authorized advertiser on the CWS Platform and will derive significant revenue from all sales made to the company’s marketing partners via the CWS Platform and subscriptions offered through the CWS Platform!

    Moreover, LQR aims to derive significant revenue from the sale of alcohol that bears its SWOL trademark. The objective of these activities is to generate recurring monthly revenue through subscriptions and product placements.

    LQR believes that its business model will result in multiple, highly sustainable revenue sources and an opportunity to capitalize on the growth in demand for liquor in the United States. 

    To date, sales of alcoholic beverages have been generated through the company’s exclusive arrangement with Country Wine & Spirits who sells these products. This includes third-party brands hiring the Company to market their alcoholic beverage products, subscriptions through its membership programs, and the product sale of tequila branded with its trademark, “SWOL,” bearing application number 2345291 and registration number 2141431.

    LQR also intends to further diversify its revenue streams and anticipates that the diversity of its revenue streams will continue to grow as its internal brands gain market recognition and penetration, its marketing services abilities become well known, and its subscription services become popular. 

    In Summary…

    LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ: LQR) distinguishes itself from its competitors with a laser-focused approach to the colossal $1.5 trillion alcohol industry.

    The company has a competitive advantage against giants like Anheuser Busch (NYSE: BUD), Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ), Molson Coors (NYSE: TAP), and others.

    LQR has embraced the digital age wholeheartedly, allowing it to navigate the waters better compared to the giant ships that need time to shift their strategies.

    And it goes further than just appearances. LQR is leveraging its mastery of utilizing digital technology to manage supply, sales, and distribution more efficiently in the spirits beverage market. The company believes that e-commerce is increasingly becoming a driver of demand for at-home consumption of alcoholic products.

    The company is creating pathways to generate revenues that other companies can't or aren't doing. And they are making a presence in every aspect of the digital world!

    The online world is massive and only getting bigger. Digital media is the future and outdated companies need to catch up. LQR is thinking strategically and is tapping into influencers, website banners, ads through email, SMS advertising, and an e-commerce platform built to handle the increased user volumes expected in the coming weeks and months.

    LQR House has seen the growth of alcohol e-commerce firsthand.

    • Since acquiring the e-commerce site,, the company has seen a major increase in online sales.
    • Through online ads, is getting approximately thousands of unique sales per week, which demonstrates a return on investment of over 6x!
    • Its ownership of is a testament to its dedication and expertise. By managing all online marketing efforts on the platform, LQR House is not only showcasing brands but also granting them premium real estate on the CWspirits website.

    The industry potential, coupled with the strategy and partnerships of this rising player could lead to tremendous shareholder value. To reiterate, Litchfield Hills Research believes LQR is undervalued and currently has a $26 price target!


    Learn More about LQR House Inc. by gaining access to the latest research report

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