Newly Traded Small Cap NASDAQ Company Announces Closing of $10+ Million IPO as it Takes on the Anticipated $450B Digital Advertising Arena!

Under the Radar Company Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) Just Hit the Big Boards and Has its Sights on Catapulting to the Forefront of the Massive Digital Advertising Space!

 A report by We Are Social informs that people spend more than six-and-a-half hours on the internet each day. 

It’s a no-brainer that digital advertising is one of the most important industries to be watching…

Especially as ad spending recovers in a BIG WAY following the pandemic!

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) Recently Made its NASDAQ Debut, Making This Company One of the Most Exciting Opportunities in the Fast-Growing Digital Ads Arena!

It was as of December 2021 that the company announced a $10M+ IPO under the trading symbol: MOBQ

The company’s CEO rang the NASDAQ closing bell only on December 20th! Make sure to watch the webcast of that HERE!

"We were honored to celebrate our Nasdaq listing by ringing the closing bell. The successful completion of our $10.3 million public offering was a significant milestone for the Company. With the funds raised, we are well positioned to advance our growth plans which include recruiting sales and support personnel, the purchase of digital media ad space inventory, and the expansion of our technology.”

Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies

As a smaller digital ad stock with potentially huge upside in 2022, Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) is a next generation, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company for data and advertising.

The Company maintains one of the largest audience databases available to advertisers and marketers through its data services division!

Additionally, the company’s Advangelists subsidiary ( provides programmatic advertising technologies and it’s Mobiquity Networks ( subsidiary provides insights on consumer behavior.

The advertising and media industries have been evolving rapidly and emerging player Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) is on its way to becoming a household name in what is being called the Golden Age of ads!


  • Being new to the NASDAQ as of December 2021, makes MOBQ one to keep your eyes on and stay-tuned to what it can offer in the massive world of digital advertising and for shareholder growth!
  • The global digital advertising market is expected to grow by around 20% this year to over $450 billion in 2021, per eMarketer.
  • Data has always been important and when it comes to advertising, it helps digital advertisers to discover new relationships, spot emerging trends, and patterns, and gain actionable insights that lead to competitive advantage. MOBQ may be a king of data as it has one of the largest audience databases! More and more companies expect their marketing teams to be driven by data, and this trend will continue in the future.
  • Alphabet is the largest search and video advertising seller on the internet and has been doing amazingly well in a post-pandemic environment. The company saw its total Google ad revenue increase to $50.44 billion in Q2, up 69% year-over-year, which is confirmation that advertisers are certainly willing to spend big in order to reach consumers that are spending a lot of time on their devices. 
  • The top marketers are focusing on the millennials as well as the generation Z demographics. These are two of the largest demographics. New Criteo research shows that Gen Z’ers they’re more likely than their older cohorts to be influenced by digital ads and buy the products they see in digital ads. There are OVER 2B Generation Z’ers around the world right now making up a huge market!
  • Companies had consequently cut their ad budgets in a big way due to the pandemic in 2020 but in a post-pandemic world, ad spending is back on and now may be one of the most pivotal times to have your eyes on digital ad companies such as MOBQ!
  • Some of the top digital ad companies include Facebook, Alphabet, Snap, The Trade Desk, Roku, and Amazon all of which are trading significantly higher than MOBQ who just recently emerged. This is looking like a true ground-floor opportunity that just hit the NASDAQ!

With a proven game changing platform for data and advertising, keep on reading to discover why MOBQ should be at the top of your watch list right now!

Greetings Investors, 

With the rise of internet penetration rates and the ever-expanding popularity of digital platforms around the world, digital advertising has become one of the most important forms of advertising.

Almost 356 billion U.S. dollars were spent on digital advertising in 2020. eMarketer has forecast the arena to hit a whopping $450 billion this year!

Digital advertising companies may be some of the most intriguing areas of the tech space for investors to consider at this time. 

Just consider how many people are using their devices like smartphones, personal computers, and connected televisions more than ever thanks to the pandemic. The companies that offer marketers and advertisers a way to connect with the masses are very attractive!

Gen Z is also most likely to be influenced by online ads when they’re deciding what to buy. Generation Z are the largest generation ever, comprising around 20% of Australia's population and almost 30% of the world's population. Globally there are almost 2 billion of them!

Smart investors are watching the trends and for some time they have been paying attention to the rapidly rising price of digital advertising. Plenty of companies use it to acquire customers, boost sales, and raise brand awareness.

The growth in digital ad rates can partly be attributed to a jump in demand as businesses make an effort to get the word out that they are open again, and to recover public awareness with consumers. 

All of this shows that there is plenty of opportunity for emerging player Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) to quickly become a recognized force in the digital ad space and for the company to see tremendous potential upside!


Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) is a digital advertising and data intelligence company.

The company’s goal is to enable brands, regional marketers and campaign managers with large/Global Agency capabilities. 

MOBQ has integrated data mining, robust audience insights, creative advertising technologies, a proprietary programmatic trading desk, and a best-in-class customer service. 

The company builds advertising efficiencies across video, audio, and digital media so even small businesses and hyper local marketers can operate like a big Madison Avenue Agency.

With two subsidiaries (Advangelists and Mobiquity Networks), each providing programmatic marketing technology, data and trade desk services, the future of advertising is about to be shaken up by MOBQ!


Mobiquity Networks has evolved and grown from a mobile advertising technology company focused on driving foot-traffic, into a next generation data intelligence company.

Mobiquity Networks also offers a self-service alternative through its MobiExchange product, a Software-as-a-Services to build actionable data own use or for resale.

Digital Marketing Innovation Starts Here

The cornerstone of any media plan engages audiences above all others. The company leverages data driven insights and exclusive digital media opportunities to build unique advertising campaigns that perform. 

Their goal is to be the indispensable partner on EVERY digital media campaign!

Four Tenants of Digital Innovation:

  • Advanced Data Intelligence and Audience Insight
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Exclusive Opportunities
  • Customer Success

Advanced Data Intelligence and Audience Insight

The company begins with a knowledge graph of robust target audiences

  • 240+ Million Unique Individual Profiles
  • 120 Million Households
  • 65+ Million Points of Interest
  • Third-Party Data Activation
  • CRM System and Data integrations

Proprietary Technology

The company builds, owns and manages their own programmatic advertising technology stack operation system which seamlessly integrates all their data, services and partners:

Advangelists™ - A robust programmatic media buying platform used by Agencies and Brands

AdCop™ - Integrated fraud protection and brand safety controls

Access to premium ad exchanges and private marketplace opportunities across innovating display, video, and new digital out-of-home formats


HomeGraph™ AI powered device graph expands standard audience definitions to identify and surround an audience across all their devices and experiences.

Target People

HomeGraph™ targets real people in real households at the IP and Mobile Ad ID level. We don’t target “zones or block clusters.”

Every Device

Deliver ads directly to every device used by an audience member. No cookies used. No cluster data. No district designations.

Unique Co-Location Algorithms

HomeGraph™ utilizes proprietary IP-Address, Co-Location and Mobile Location Staypoint Algorithms to identify and target unique audiences with unmatched precision at scale across mobile, desktop and CTV.

Understand shopping and travel behaviors, including more than 500 Million points of interest.

Tailored Ad Messaging

Audiences receive tailored messaging which is verified and based on empirical data identifiers.

Enhanced Data Segments

Use Audience Buildr™ to enhance segmenting options such as auto ownership, consumer demographic, occupation, income or other third party data set. 

Open architecture allows onboarding of 1st party CRM data for additional segmentation or remarketing


TravelGraph™ uses location-based machine learning models to identify POI’s (points of interest) those devices visit creating real world behavior and interest segments.

The TravelGraph platform uses location based insights from home, work, play, and the destinations in between to create an audience behavior profile that scales.

TravelGraph™ unlocks details of an audience, allowing to fully understand how to engage them.

Exclusive Opportunities

The company integrates leading technology partners to work with their platform and offer exclusive opportunities.

Source Digital takes linear video to a new level, providing rich data overlays to create an interactive video experience. As the exclusive partner, Mobiquity enables Source Activated Moments as a programmatic media ad unit, scaling distribution to their network of video publishers.

Source Digital + Mobiquity enables video viewers to see more information about a product in the video using proprietary data overlay technologies.

Customer Success

The company partners with a marketing team or media buying agency to ensure success. Bigger than their proprietary tech, data, and exclusive partnerships, their largest asset is people. More than just innovation experts, the company is dedicated to helping each customer achieve data driven marketing performance. 

Innovation Partners

The company hand selects their innovation partners to ensure best-in-class performance. Then they carefully integrate their technologies to work seamlessly with their platforms.

Advangelists is the company’s proprietary programmatic media buying platform. Used by agencies and brands around the world, they maintain and integrate their leading bidder-as-a-service DSP platform with audience data and expert customer service.

Advertising should be an amalgamation of great features, great usability, and have all the tools you need in one single platform. Micro audience targeting and machine learning ensures your programmatic media forms with precision.

This is a dynamic cloud-based architecture that lowers operating costs!

Advangelists is an advanced publisher yield management technology operating across direct and programmatic media sales channels. Advangelists’ machine learning and AI seeks to identify highest revenue opportunities, isolate advertiser fraud, and increase operational efficiencies.


  • Advangelists is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model controlled and operated by the Publisher’s Programmatic Ad Ops team
  • Contracted and preferred demand (and supply) side partners are connected through the Advangelists’ operating system
  • Advangelists’ machine learning and AI seeks to identify highest revenue opportunities (yield management)
  • Every impression served is evaluated against potential audiences and advertisers; demand partners are prioritized accordingly, essentially eliminating the ‘waterfall’ strategy


  • The current ecosystem favors advertisers, brands and middlemen. 
  • It was built to maximize their AdSpend and performance, with limited transparency and control. 
  • >70% of sales are blind and AdTech tax is prevalent at every step of the journey


  • Maximize Yield – Always achieve the highest possible value for the impression at hand
  • Control – Relationships with end buyers, establish floor strategy, own data
  • Transparency – Visibility into who is purchasing and through which channels
  • First Party Data Ownership – Leverage new GDPR and CCPA privacy laws to maximize value at granular impression level
  • Eliminate advertiser fraud – monitor impressions to safeguard your properties
  • Offer More Value – Enable re-targeting where others can not
Go beyond the ad unit with bespoke media partnerships and content integration.
Advanced Identity resolution from BritePool for privacy compliant, cookie-free targeting.
Exclusive interactive video partner creates a innovative video ad experience. Our Source Digital integration creates the only truly interactive video advertising delivery platform.

Audience Buildr™

Construct unique audiences using Mobiquity’s web based platform by simply uploading or accessing any combination of customer centric data sets:

CRM Data

Use existing customers from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to create look-a-like audiences and remarketing segments.

Location Data

Leverage the company’s proprietary database of 5.5Million POI’s (Points-of-Interest) to create behavior segments based on real world interactions with brands, stores, travel destinations, events, or activities.


Dean Julia CEO

Dean is an experienced leader with a background in early-stage funding of technology & life sciences businesses. Dean co-founded Mobiquity after a successful career in the finance industry, where he was involved in the funding of numerous startup ventures.

Paul Bauersfeld CTO

Paul brings over 20 years of executive IT experience spanning venture capital and Fortune 100 companies. An engineering graduate from RIT, Paul has participated as either founder or advisor in a number of IT startups that realized successful exits.

Sean McDonnell CFO

Sean has been a CPA for nearly 25 years following graduation from Dowling University. As a private practitioner, he helped numerous companies manage growth and acquire financing, and has been guiding Mobiquity since 2005.

Sean Trepeta President of Mobiquity Network

Sean’s dynamic telecommunications career began in sales leadership and ultimately led to co-founding a major telecom reseller organization, culminating in a successful exit via acquisition in 2006. Sean has co-founded and advised a number of technology-based startups.

The Bottom Line

As the shift to digital accelerates, Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) may rapidly capture a lion’s share of the arena with its unique data and advertising technology!

The company curates the best digital advertising partnerships and then integrates their audience data technology. 

The result? Better marketing performance that scales!

The online advertising market is expected to skyrocket in value by the middle of this decade as the world goes digital.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization process by years. Consider how much the work-from-home culture has risen, and the increasing trust in electronic payment methods today. This has forced business owners to prioritize internet-based offerings. 

Digital advertising continues to account for more than half of the total money spent on marketing! According to Canadian technology firm Magna, digital ad revenues for 2020 were in excess of $500 billion!

Blowout revenue results for companies like Twitter, Alphabet, and Snap have indicated that advertisers have a greater willingness to spend more on digital advertisements. Alphabet posted sales of more than $50 billion in the first three months of 2021, up 34% from the same period last year as digital ad revenue shatters records.

Innovation is disrupting the ad space and Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) is securing unique advertising technologies that drive engagement!

MOBQ is a small-cap under the radar company that should be at the top of your radar and watchlist for the promising growth potential that lies ahead!


Hurry and start your research!

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