This Little-Known EV Company is Leading School District Transportation into the Next Century.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) transition isn’t on the way… It’s already here and now is the time to act.

Pegasus Specialty Vehicles LLC is an exciting trailblazer in the EV space that is preparing to go public soon via a reverse merger.

The company’s entrance into the U.S. stock market is around the corner and this may be a pivotal time to have it on your radar!

Why is Pegasus going public a BIG DEAL?

Because Pegasus has a unique and innovative strategy to transform the school bus and specialty bus markets and take them ELECTRIC!

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    “The EV, electric vehicle school bus is kind of the buzzword right now. We're going to be the -only- company in the country building a hydrogen-powered school bus.”

    Brian Barrington, president of Pegasus Specialty Vehicles LLC

    From traditional to EV to Hydrogen, a full range of state-of-the-art school buses is only the beginning for this growing company and exposure as a public company on Wall Street could take Pegasus Specialty Vehicles LLC to the frontline of the EV boom!

    2024 - 2028 Projections

    On June 23, 2023, Resonate Blends, Inc. (OTCQB: KOAN) announced signing an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Pegasus and made a $435,000 investment into the Ohio-based company.

    This investment, prior to the expected closing of this transaction, has provided Pegasus with fresh capital to move forward on its ambitious revenue roadmap as seen below:

    By being a public company, Pegasus is potentially providing investors liquidity and the company access to capital to support its expected rapid growth!

    In the Right Place at the Right Time…. Tackling a Unique Market….

    What was a niche option in the auto market just a few years ago is quickly becoming the car of choice among many buyers. Tesla, with a market cap of about $800B, is the largest EV manufacturer in the world and automakers are scrambling to catch up.

    EV stocks have multiplied in the wake of Tesla’s massive success and as electric cars continue to become mainstream. But not all are created equal, and some EV companies are more ready for the electric future than others.

    As the world transitions from gasoline and diesel to hybrid and electric vehicles, the passenger market was the easiest to conquer in a start to make the switch.

    While every automaker is now or will soon be offering a plug-in electric vehicle (EV), it is only part of the problem when it comes to combatting climate change.

    To be truly fossil fuel-free, the rest of the transportation industry needs to be tackled too.

    This means semi-trucks, delivery vans, airplanes, boats, and school buses need to make the switch!

    Yes, school buses.

    The buses that take kids to and from school are gas-guzzling environmental hazards and turning them electric would do wonders to help the planet.

    A Public Interest Research Group (PRIG) report estimates that transitioning nationwide to all-electric school bus fleets would avert 5.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year!

    This is the equivalent of the annual tailpipe and upstream emissions from about 600,000 Ford Explorers to give you some perspective.

    There are currently about a half-million school buses in the US and only around 13,000 of them are electric.

    A simple bit of math indicates that there is a massive opportunity here for Pegasus Specialty Vehicles to capitalize on!

    • Dealers still require standard ICE (internal combustion engine) solutions as well as EV solutions.
    • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have clear advantages and are of increasing interest in the industry, but adoption and government support is still in the very earliest stages.
    • By supporting the full range of solutions and building on Pegasus’ modular strategy the company is able to get support of the dealer network, increase customer awareness, trust and reduce overall maintenance costs due to EV/hydrogen powertrains and standardization across products.
    • This allows Pegasus to better predict stable financial performance while flexibly supplying the entire market as demand for alternative powertrains rapidly increases.

    Comparables in the market are trading exponentially higher than Pegasus right now and showcase the growth potential that could lie ahead….

    • BlueBird Corp. is the largest U.S. pure-play bus maker but has an extremely old factory and struggles with labor.
    • Green Power Motors is another pure-play U.S. electric bus and van maker whose production is not consistent and has a hard location to get to.
    • Lion Electric Co. is a Canadian pure-play electric bus and truck maker that only sells directly and has no dealer network. Plus, once their warranty expires, their service slows.


    1. A recent entrance into the market makes Pegasus a fresh face on Wall Street with blue-sky growth potential to build shareholder value. There could be an uplisting to a big board exchange in the future as well.
    2. Pegasus’ business model, partnerships, and management have positioned the company to vault to a leadership position in the evolving ~$4 billion annual school bus market.
    3. Spearheaded by industry-proven leadership with expert innovators in the school transportation and manufacturing industries. Pegasus is lead by industry veteran Brian Barrington, 3rd generation School bus manufacturing industry professional with deep relationships across and experience in every facet of the business. During his work with school bus OEM, Brian built a nationwide dealer network growing production level from 200 buses per year to 900 within 4 years.
    4. Well recognized by bus dealers, school bus contractors, school district transportation operators, and decision-makers who have expressed dissatisfaction with current products and unmet features that these buyers need and want.
    5. Contracted with 26 dealers (many with multiple locations) covering the US/Canada as well as Guam, Micronesia, USVI, and the Caribbean.
    6. Seeking expansion capital to support $87.5M of current orders and sales expectations of $223M by FY 2028 (note that these estimates do not yet include Hydrogen buses.
    7. A completely outfitted, up-and-running facility in Dunkirk, Ohio, with expansion planned in mid to late 2024. The factory has completed the first 3 buses and is entering full-scale production. Pegasus is positioned to service the entire United States and Canada from its Ohio location.
    8. Providing buses for different markets in both yellow and white and will meet its customer demands and quality expectations first and foremost while providing cost-effective transportation solutions.
    9. Leaping to the front of the pack. The company’s unique modular designs, partnerships, and deep relationships with a nationwide network of distributors allow the company to leapfrog the competition by providing a full range of vehicles and drivetrains.
    10. Ambitious funding plans. Pegasus plans to raise $16.5m over the next twelve months in 3 tranches based on current expectations. These funds will be used for working capital, expansion, partnerships, and the pay down of debt.

    Company Overview:

    Pegasus is an innovative leader in low-emission and zero-emission electric vehicles (“EVs”) and emerging hydrogen fuel cell technology for school buses and specialty vehicles.

    The company’s management team will bring a culture of creativity, flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, and teamwork in producing competitively priced modern school and shuttle buses that address market needs that existing bus manufacturers have ignored!

    Pegasus supports its customer base with the most trusted, flexible and technology-forward solutions meeting local demand requirements without the burden of legacy infrastructure, or the market risk of slow technology adoption.

    Pegasus is uniquely positioned in the industry by offering a complete product lineup in traditional (ICE), EV, and Hydrogen FC providing unrivaled support and flexibility for its robust North American (+) dealer network.

    Pegasus’ strategy supports the evolution of sustainable solutions for the market regardless of which technology ends up dominating future demand enhancing financial predictability and growth.

    • The Peterbilt chassis allows Pegasus dealers to compete with the Big 3 school bus manufacturers, while the Zeus and VIA relationships establish the Company as a leader in the EV bus category.
    • The Hyperion relationship gives Pegasus the ability to retrofit Hydrogen fuel cells into any chassis supporting the company’s partners, distributors and customers across the US and Canada in both Urban and Rural markets.
    • The company is positioned for further expansion into other specialty bus and truck markets.

    Traditional Partnerships:

    Pegasus has exclusive partnership with one of America’s premier, truck chassis, technology and providers for bus deployment.
    • Ccurrently supports Diesel, Gas, CNG and Electric in 2024. 
    • Guarantees best in class technology, safety and features as the industry continues to evolve. 
    • The Peterbilt chassis will support both type A and type C school buses jointly representing 84% of the current market.
    • The Pegasus/Peterbilt collaboration will provide the state-of-the-art features of the new Atlas body and the confidence of reliability and safety provided by Peterbilt vaulting Pegasus to a leadership position in the industry. 
    • Hydrogen compatibility is currently under development.
    • The school bus designs are transferable to the Transit and specialty bus market.

    Transitional Partnerships:

    • Phoenix Motorcar does EV conversions from traditional Ford Platforms. 
    • Partnered with Pegasus to provide bus bodies. 
    • Incremental revenue stream to Pegasus.
    • Pegasus has signed a distribution and installation agreement with ZEVX to provide custom conversions for the bus and speciality truck market. 
    • Expands Pegasus’ capability to provide a full range of services and products for rapidly evolving markets.
    • Pegasus has an option to purchase an exclusive manufacturing license (including chassis) for the US and Canadian school bus market.
    • Zeus Electric Chassis provides the first FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) certified ground up electric chassis designed and built by industry experts.
    • Modular design provides solutions for the vocational work truck industry addressing both environmental and industry needs.
    • Guarantees best in class technology, safety and features as the industry continues to evolve.
    • The Zeus platform will support the largest purpose built EV type A school bus, with the highest range, AWD and superior battery management locking in years of competitive advantage for Pegasus.
    • The Pegasus/Zeus collaboration will bring together the state of the art features of the new Atlas school bus body and the confidence of reliability and safety built into every Zeus chassis.
    • The school bus designs are transferable to the transit and specialty bus markets.
    • VIA Motors delivers functional, reliable, 100% electric commercial trucks that are preferred by drivers and have an attractive total cost of ownership.
    • Committed to 2,000 Pegasus/VIA buses over the next 5 years representing ~$230,000,000 in revenue. 
    • Provides an opportunity to build EV buses from 9,900-19,500 GVW chassis with the VIA Motors product, and from 19,500-50,000 with the Zeus Electric Chassis.
    • Pegasus has an option to purchase the exclusive right to utilize Hyperion Motors state of the art hydrogen Fuel Cell IP for public transit, school and commercial bus segments worldwide.
    • Hyperion’s founder and CEO Constantine “Angelo” Kafantaris sits on the board of Pegasus.
    • Hyperion’s fuel cell’s can be implemented in any of Pegasus EV compatible chassis providing the market with the most efficient, broadest range and fastest to market buses and specialty trucks.
    • Hyperion specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of low-cost, high performing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, drive trains and filling stations.
    • Hyperion is focused on licensing technology and solutions to industries from energy, to aerospace and transportation while simultaneously investing in a deploying infrastructure to support the development of the next generation of sustainable transportation.
    • Technology validated by NREL and funded by DOE, NASA, IGS and Confidential OEM’s.
    • Hydrogen powertrains are far better suited for the bus and trucking industries than battery powered EV’s due to efficiency, long range, short fill up times and zero emissions.
    • Hydrogen is a game changer for the industry and Pegasus/Hyperion will lead this transformation with this unique and far-reaching partnership.

    Wendy Blosser
    Chief Executive Officer 

    Wendy brings 25 years of success launching, relaunching and building organizations in diagnostic, surgical and capital sales, with a focus in Oncology and Women’s Health. She has achieved record revenue growth at a variety of organizations from early-stage start ups to Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Wendy has served as CCO at Agendia, Animated Dynamics and Biodesix. Prior to Biodesix, Wendy served as VP of Sales with Integrated Oncology (LabCorp subsidiary) where she led the 

    successful integration of Genzyme Genetics following its acquisition for $925M. Before joining Integrated Oncology, she held several leadership roles with Cytyc Corporation prior to its $6.2B acquisition by Hologic.

    In Summary…

    The future is going electric and as many companies focus on passenger vehicles, the market for specialty vehicles like school buses is what could catapult Pegasus to Wall Street stardom.

    Electric school bus advantages include lower maintenance costs with no oil or transmission fluid changes. They are also quieter and have better temperature control. It’s only a matter of time before school districts wake up to the future of transporting students. 

    Pegasus recently shipped their first five (5) buses with ten (10) more in various stages of completion. The Company currently has more than 100 chassis in their production lot waiting for various components and additional funding from Resonate to both close the Merger Agreement and complete the production of the 100+ buses.

    Included in their chassis inventory are the first four Peterbilt chassis with a demo school bus model nearly completed. This represents Peterbilt’s first foray into the school bus market and is being met with significant market interest!

    This is an exciting time to be paying attention to Pegasus and its soon-to-be entrance into the public markets!


    Learn More about Pegasus Specialty Vehicles LLC.  by gaining access to the latest research report

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