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Space Exploration is a Bourgeoning Industry Three Space Company Stocks are the Ones to Watch

Welcome to our cutting-edge manufacturing hub with over a decade of expertise in commercial, military, and government sectors. Our space-qualified solutions, bolstered by International Space Station heritage, stand as a testament to our excellence.

Housed in a 35,000 sq. ft facility at Florida's Space Coast, we're AS9100 Aerospace Certified and compliant with ITAR, ITU, and FCC regulations.

Our innovation thrives with 10+ patents, including pioneering 3D printed satellite design, alongside exclusive data analytics solutions forged through strategic alliances.

Revolutionizing Services: Space and Defense in a New Paradigm

Satellite Constellation Operations

Unlocking Possibilities with LizzieSat™: Tailored Constellation for Today's Interconnected Data-Driven Landscape

In the dynamic realm of an interconnected, cloud-based, and data-driven global environment, our LizzieSat™ constellation stands optimized to impeccably address the evolving needs of both commercial enterprises and governmental entities. Through close collaboration with our valued consumers, we engineer solutions that boldly confront the multifaceted information challenges that the world presents. Our offerings yield potent advantages, enhancing operational prowess and propelling tangible growth.

Space Platforms

Embarking on a Space Journey Demands the Right Transport: Explore Sidus Space Platforms Tailored to Your Mission's Parameters

Navigating the celestial expanse demands a fitting space platform to ferry your payload into the cosmos. Sidus presents an array of space platforms meticulously fashioned to match the demands of diverse missions, accommodating varying budgets and timeframes. In the realm of distinctive or personalized missions, our design services extend to empower your payloads with seamless access to the cosmos.


Embarking on a Space Journey Demands the Right Transport: Explore Sidus Space Platforms Tailored to Your Mission's Parameters

Forged in the Crucible of Aerospace, Defense, and Advanced Government Manufacturing, Our Profound Expertise Fuses Cutting-Edge Know-How, Advanced Equipment, and State-of-the-Art Facilities. This Unites to Bestow Unparalleled Quality and Utmost Reliability, Catering to Your Most Vital Missions with Impeccable Assurance.

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    Eminent Metrics of Achievement

    • Pioneering Over a Decade: With over a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence, I bring a wealth of 10+ years of industry-leading commercial experience, setting new benchmarks in innovation and achievement.

    • Orbiting Success with SpaceX: I have been honored to contribute to the forefront of space exploration by being contracted for an exceptional 9 satellite launches with the globally renowned SpaceX, cementing a legacy of trust and collaboration in pushing the boundaries of the cosmos.

    • A Constellation of Success: My vision extends far beyond the Earth's atmosphere, having received approval for an impressive deployment of 100 satellites within a single constellation, a testament to my far-sighted approach and strategic prowess in shaping the future of space technology.

    • Unleashing Manufacturing Potential: My capabilities extend beyond mere conception. With a robust manufacturing capacity, I have consistently demonstrated the prowess to produce 5 to 10 cutting-edge satellites each month, a testament to my dedication to turn visions into tangible, functional reality.

    • Satellites with Staying Power: The fruits of my labor are built to stand the test of time. Boasting a remarkable 5-year satellite shelf life, I continue to shape the skies with assets that maintain peak performance and reliability throughout their extended missions.

    • A Clientele of Distinction: The trust placed in my expertise is exemplified by a diverse and prestigious client portfolio of over 40+ customers, all of whom bear witness to my commitment to delivering solutions that transcend expectations and boundaries.

    Vanguards of Cosmic Innovation


    I established and served as the CEO of Craig Technologies, an engineering company that I founded and financially supported. This company gained prominence as a Government Contracting entity, focusing on engineering and technological solutions within the industry. In 2012, I also initiated the creation of Sidus Space as a spin-off from Craig Technologies.

    • Sidus Space, Inc.: Founded and led as CEO.
    • 3 decades in government programs mastery.
    • Pioneering U.S. Navy combat-eligible woman pilot.
    • Skillset to execute Sidus Space's vision.

    Global Space Economic Landscape

    Surge in Space Industry Investment Amidst Global Challenges

    Despite geopolitical tensions and the Ukrainian conflict, investment in the space sector has rapidly increased since 2020.

    The SmallSat sector (spacecraft weighing under 500 kg) is poised for substantial growth in capabilities and demand in the coming decade.

    • $1 Trillion+

      Projected space economy by 2040: surpassing $370 billion in 2024.

    • $55.6 Billion

      SmallSats launched in 2021 (new all-time record) and 1.5 times more than 2020.

    • 18,460

      SmallSats expected to be launched in the next decade, up from 4,665.

    • 1,738

      SmallSats launched in 2021 (new all-time record) and 1.5 times more than 2020.

    Enabling Access to Space Exploration

    Revolutionizing Innovation Beyond Norms

    Situated on Florida's Space Coast in Cape Canaveral, Sidus Space (NASDAQ: SIDU) is a Space and Defense-as-a-Service enterprise. We specialize in essential hardware production for missions, alongside commercial satellite conceptualization, manufacturing, launch, and data acquisition.

    Sidus Space offers comprehensive Space and Defense-as-a-Service solutions. Our vertically integrated approach delivers cost-effective, swiftly adaptable, tailored services across the realm of space.

    • Design and Build 3D Satellite manufacturing performed in-house.
    • Tech Integration Integration of technology, engineering, or business requirements.
    • Regulatory Licensing ITU, FCC, NOAA approved spectrum and licensing.
    • Launch Booking Manifesting on one of several trusted launch partners.
    • Mission Operations Application services during the mission.
    • Data Transfer Data transfer from orbit via ground station partners and Amazon Web Services.


    Efficient Costs, Lightweight Excellence: 3D Printed Advanced Materials

    • Incorporating AI in Edge Computing
    • Unifying Sensors and Orbit Data Aggregation
    • Swift, Modular Tech Integration
    • Space-Tested Subsystems
    • Reliable Redundancy for 5-year Lifespan
    • Weighing 100kg (35kg for Tech and Data Collection)
    • Launch Vehicle Agnostic for Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
    • Sidus Space-Owned, Managed Satellite Constellation

    Elevated Integration Intelligence

    Leveraging Vertical Integration:

    • Streamlined Production Cycles
    • Reduced Production Risk
    • Tailored Satellite Construction
    • Adapting to Space Ecosystem Growth
    • Quality Control through Process Management
    • Controlled Scaling
    • Cost Reduction
    • Optimizing Established Infrastructure

    Constellation as-a-Service for Space and DEFENSE - A S - A – SERVICE

    Constructing Space Infrastructure for the Economic Cosmos

    Design & Build

    • In-House 3D Satellite Manufacturing
    • Integrated Engineering and Production
    • Licensed Regulatory Compliance
    • ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified
    • Adaptable Design for Customized Excellence

    Integration & Testing

    • In-House Component Assembly and Testing
    • Rigorous Environmental Testing
    • Launch with Reliable Partners
    • Consistent Launch Schedule for Multiple Missions

    Operate & Monitor

    • Full Satellite Control and Management
    • 24/7 Constellation Oversight
    • Real-time Payload Sensor Data Transfer (Uplink/Downlink)

    Date Solutions

    Elevated Solutions: Space and Defense-as-a-Service

    Delivering Precise, Reliable Space-Based Data and Services via Our Multi-Mission Constellation.

    • Global

      Worldwide coverage that provides data when and where you need it.

    • Actionable

      Provide customers with precise and detailed data through a suite of sensors.

    • Near Real-Time

      Constant updates allow near real-time tracking, monitoring of assets across industries.

    • Accessible

      Data that can be retrieved in a timely manner so customers can monitor and resolve issues.

    • Reliable

      Utilizing the industry leading ground stations and hardware aboard LizzieSat™ to consistently provide reliable data.

    Empowering Unconventional Sectors with Space Data Solutions:

    • Agriculture: Monitoring, Yield Prediction, Health, and Supply Chain Oversight
    • Infrastructure: Energy, Wind Power, and Oil & Gas Production Surveillance

    Worldwide Surveillance and Intelligence

    LizzieSat™: Adaptable Integration for Superior Data Delivery Swiftly integrating new sensor tech for relevant, high-quality data sets.

    The above image shows how SWIR data can be used for soil moisture detection. The left image is the natural colour satellite image and the right image has had the SWIR spectural bands applied. The areas highlighted in blue shows the level of moisture present. The darker the shade, the more moisture. The areas high- lighted in yellow indicate no moisture present. © DigitalGlobe

    Satellite Applications Across Industries


    • Farm Asset Management & Tracking
    • Crop Management
    • Soil Monitoring
    • Livestock Tracking
    • Weather & Drought Measurement

    Government & Military

    • Border Protection
    • Transportation
    • Flood Management
    • Disaster Management


    • Harvest Operations
    • Forest Health
    • Changes to Land Cover and Use
    • Illegal Clearing of Forest


    • Illegal Fishing
    • Supply Chain Logistics
    • Environmental Impact
    • Vessel Movement and Port Activity

    Sidus Space's Global Earth Station Network:

    Delivering Vital Data to Customers, Minimizing Data Lag.

    Robust Earth Station Network for LizzieSats:

    • 20+ Strategically Placed Stations for Uninterrupted High-Rate Communications
    • Swift Delivery of Crucial Data Post-Collection
    • Efficient, Cost-Effective Downlinks with Proven Scheduling
    • Tailored Ground Coverage for Varied Orbits
    • Dedicated Earth Stations for 25+ Orbit Constellation
    • ATLAS Ground Station

    • KSAT Ground Station

    • Leaf Space Ground Station



    • With over a decade of trailblazing experience, we excel in top-notch manufacturing for commercial, military, and governmental domains.
    • Leveraging our space qualification history, established client connections, and the legacy of the International Space Station.
    • Nestled in Florida's Space Coast, our sprawling 35,000 sq. ft. facilities power our operations.
    • Certified by AS9100 Aerospace, compliant with ITAR and ITU/FCC regulations.
    • Our patent portfolio, including revolutionary 3D-printed satellite architecture, underscores our pioneering spirit.
    • Unlocking insights through exclusive data analytics solutions, crafted via strategic partnerships.

    Varied Income Channels

    • Data-Driven Insights and Actionable Intelligence

      Scalable according to satellites, ground stations, and sensors. Priced per megabyte or via subscription for the satellite's lifespan.

    • On-Orbit Validation

      Inclusive payload integration and initial data collection, separate pricing for recurring data.

    • Engineering Expertise

      Complete lifecycle engineering services for space systems, encompassing design, development, assembly, integration, and testing.

    • Satellite Design & Manufacture

      Seamless vertical integration of tailored satellite design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

    • Mission-Critical Production

      A decade+ of expertise in crafting, assembling, and testing space hardware with flight-proven heritage.

    • Tailored Solutions

      An accomplished senior team, featuring NASA and DoD Flight Directors/Controllers. We offer Mission Operations, Satellite Deployment, and Licensing support.

    Economic Investment Perspective

    Expansive and Evolving Income Channels

    • A decade+ of pivotal hardware manufacturing, surging continuously; Versatile Engineering Services; Satellite Crafting, Production, Launch Strategy, Mission Management; Dispensing Space-Based Data.

    Data-as-a-Service Income Model

    • Continuous data subscription earnings
    • Gradual expansion fueled by increasing clientele

    Lucrative Product Portfolio

    • Actionable insights, data analytics, and raw data
    • Satellite unit economics generate high-margin, cost-effective data items
    • Single collection, multiple sales approach

    Versatile Across Industries and Missions

    • Tailored for diverse missions, LizzieSat™ benefits civil, military, and commercial sectors.
    • LizzieSat™ offers exceptional adaptability and swift configuration, enhancing multiple mission prospects and revenue potential.

    Streamlined Constellation Efficiency

    • Affordable satellites enjoy extended lifespan and decreasing launch and on-orbit expenses.
    • Vertical integration in a multi-mission constellation equals effective capital expenditure.

    Infrastructure Backs Expansion

    • Stable operating expenses facilitate substantial scalability.
    • Minimal additional costs to optimize data analytics revenue proposition.

    Operational Strides

    Sidus's LizzieSat™ Constellation Blueprint

    • Customizable Operations

      InControl™ & OnTime™ software for tailored, streamlined, cost-effective operations

    • Elevated Launch Schedule

      Nearly doubled SpaceX launches for 2024-2025, ensuring consistent launches

    • Cloud Efficiency

      AWS Cloud storage for LizzieSat™ Constellation's mission-critical data

    • Global Reach

      Worldwide data coverage, anytime, anywhere

    • Intelligent Edge

      Enhanced partnership with ExoSpace's FeatherEdge AI for rapid Earth Observation insights

    • Advanced Data Management

      TerraStream platform to manage LizzieSat™ intelligence

    • Automated AIS

      SatLab's AIS technology integration for improved identification

    • Eco-Friendly Propulsion

      Innovative green propulsion for sustainable satellite transport

    • Secure Deployment

      CarboNIX, proven system for successful LizzieSat™ integration

    Download Research Report

    Learn More about Sidus Space Inc. by gaining access to the latest research report

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