This Little-Known NASDAQ Traded Agri-food Tech Company is Tackling Global Food Insecurity Head-on in the Most Remarkable Way…

Save Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE: 80W) is getting rapidly noticed in the markets for its game-changing technology that cuts food waste and ensures food safety!

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    Save Foods, Inc. is a client of Tradigital IR, an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures in the research report as well as on our website

    With food prices climbing, the U.N. is warning of crippling global shortages making this a dire time to have SVFD on your radar as the company uses game-changing tech to reduce food waste and ensure food safety!

    Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund managing director, told the World Economic Forum that "the anxiety about access to food at a reasonable price globally is hitting the roof" as food prices continue "to go up up up".

    The U.N. estimates that in the past year, global food prices have risen by almost one-third, fertilizer by more than half, and oil prices by almost two-thirds.

    With almost everyone feeling the price increases at the checkout and noticing empty shelves at the stores, Save Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE: 80W) and its Israeli operational arm (subsidiary) Save Foods Ltd. are addressing two of the most significant challenges in the agri-food tech industry: food waste and loss and food safety.

    The company is dedicated to delivering integrated solutions for improved safety, freshness, and quality, every step of the way from field to fork. Collaborating closely with their customers, they develop new solutions that benefit the entire supply chain and improve the safety and quality of life of both the workers and the consumers alike.

    As of today, SVFD owns:

    • NINE issued patents… one allowed
    • SIX pending patent applications... FOUR of these may be submitted worldwide
    • A patent family that includes patents granted in Israel, the United States, and Europe

    Beverage and food Giant PepsiCo is paying attention to SVFD….

    In early October, Save Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE: 80W) had hosted a delegation of approximately 100 senior executives from leading multinational food and agriculture companies at the Company’s R&D center in Neve Yarak, Israel.

    PepsiCo led the delegation of senior executives assessing new technologies to streamline produce production!

    With a track record of converting more than 90% of their trials into paying customers, SVFD anticipates a strong second half of the year….

    This is a Growth Story at the Earliest Stages!


    SVFD's green solutions are designed to improve the food safety and shelf life of fresh produce. By controlling human and plant pathogens, the company allows growers, packers, and food retailers to reduce their waste and increase their revenues. More food ends up on plates and less ends up in landfills!

    Initial commercial applications are in post-harvest treatments in fruit and vegetable packing houses processing produce including citrus, avocado, pears, mangos and bell peppers.

    The TOP Reasons to Have SVFD on Your Radar
    • Food waste and food safety are not passing fads, they are global problems that cost the industry trillions of dollars every year.
    • According to U.N. figures, the number of severely food-insecure people has doubled in the past two years, from 135 million pre-pandemic to 276 million today. Now, more than half a million people are experiencing famine conditions, according to the U.N., an increase of more than 500% since 2016.
    • Huge potential for growth: the total accessible market size is over $2bn!
    • The company’s technology is easy to implement, cost efficient and cost saving products.
    • It’s the right time: regulation for pesticides is tightening, alternatives are being sought right now. Pesticides can cause short-term adverse health effects, called acute effects, as well as chronic adverse effects that can occur months or years after exposure.
    • The industry is endorsing the company and industry leaders are quickly becoming commercial clients.
    • The product is easy and cheap to produce and profit margins are high.
    • 50% waste reduction on average ALREADY PROVEN AT THE RETAIL LEVEL!
    • 50-100% fewer Pesticides and PROVEN at the retail level!

    The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050, boosting agricultural demand by some 50%. Providing healthy and safe food to feed the world’s population is one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century.

    Globally, around 664 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are lost & wasted every year from field to fork. And almost 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food costing us around $90 billion!

    Also, food waste disposal required additional investment and harms the environment as it causes greenhouse gas emissions. This is responsible for fresh produce spoilage and foodborne illness. Fungi like mold and yeast as well as foodborne pathogens are responsible for fresh produce spoilage, recalls and foodborne illnesses.


    SVDF’s green treatments, which are a combination of Save Foods’ technology and oxidizers, PROTECT fresh fruit and vegetables from microbial spoilage and foodborne pathogens that are responsible for decay and can cause foodborne illnesses.

    To reiterate, the company owns nine issued patents, one allowed and has six pending patent applications, four of which may be submitted worldwide. This patent family includes patents granted in Israel, the United States and Europe.

    Expiration dates of the patents, and any patents which may be granted under their pending patent applications, are from 2031 through 2041.



    SVFD’s treatments are based on proprietary blends of food acids (Save Foods’ family of adjuvants) combined with oxidizing agent-based sanitizers and fungicides at low concentrations when used in non-organic settings.

    This reduces the need for additional post-harvest applications such as conventional fungicides all of which have set Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). In addition, when diluted to required dilution levels, the fruit and vegetable wash is odorless and does not irritate the eyes, skin and airways.

    Save Foods adjuvants blend of acids do not leave any residues of toxicological concern on the treated produce surface and all the blend ingredients are recognized by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) when used as intended in fruit and vegetable wash applications.

    A picture says a thousand words… which one would you choose?


    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has provided the Company a Notice of Allowance for its patent application that relates to a method of protecting food from decay by applying Save Foods blend of food acids.

    A Notice of Allowance is issued after the USPTO makes the determination that a patent should be granted from an application. The patent is expected to be issued in the coming months and will increase the Company’s IP portfolio to ten granted patents.

    “This patent not only adds to our intellectual property portfolio covering our novel solutions, but it also strengthens our competitive advantage, that will lead to new commercial opportunities. We have additional patents pending as part of our IP protection strategy and we will continue our product innovation efforts to further enhance our market position and drive revenue growth.”

    Dr. Neta Matis, Save Foods’ Head of Science

    Learn More about Save Foods, Inc. by gaining access to the latest research report

    Save Foods, Inc. is a client of Tradigital IR, an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures in the research report as well as on our website


    “After implementing Save Food's innovative eco-treatment across several produce lines - including avocados, bell peppers, and mangos - several of our EU-based clients informed me that they have noticed higher quality produce with extended freshness. I believe as more retailers and distributors learn of Save Foods’ innovative treatment and its many potential benefits, we will face growing demand to use the treatments.”

    Dror Eigerman, CEO of Galilee Export and member of Save Foods’ Advisory Board


    During Q1 2022 EU rejected up to 298 Shipments of fruit and vegetables owing to residues of banned pesticides. (SOURCE

    As regulators and retailers across Europe move toward a zero-tolerance policy regarding pesticide residue limits, the company is seeing rapidly growing interest from exporters to Europe asking for pilots. 

    European Union countries are among the strictest in terms of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. As part of the EU’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies, the EU has set a goal of reducing pesticide use by 50% by 2030.

    Europe accounts for more than €60 billion (approximately $60 billion), or 44%, of the global trade value of fresh fruit and vegetables, and includes five of the 10 largest importing countries in the world. The feedback that we have received from distributors and retailers is extremely encouraging. As large food suppliers continue to recognize the potential for Save Food's game changing treatments, we expect to see strong demand in the near and mid-terms”.

    Dan Sztybel, CEO of Save Foods Ltd


    Treatments combining the company’s proprietary blend of food acids (adjuvant) and oxidizers (sanitizers) were commercially validated on citrus fruits, mango, avocado, pears, bell pepper, microgreens, and various fresh cut vegetables. 

    SVFD is evaluating the application of their treatment for bananas, apples, lychee, berries, papaya lettuce, asparagus, tomato, and more.

    The Market Potential is immense…. The organic market.. The cannabis market…

    Like any agricultural product, cannabis is susceptible to microorganisms that could potentially harm consumers. In fact, in 2017, approximately 15% of all commercially grown flower had microbial contamination.

    Strong Commercial Momentum to Translate into Rapid Business Scale Up!
    SVFD has seen staggering growth in the last 12 months…

    See what the company has impressively accomplished below:

    SiCar Farms Mexico Ltd., one of the leading Mexican lime packers, began using SVFD’s eco crop protection treatment in all of its facilities during the third quarter of 2021 following a successful pilot program earlier in the year. 

    SiCar Mexico’s success using Save Foods’ treatment was a key driver in other packers initiating pilot programs with the Company!

    One of the packers reported that its Save Foods’ treated limes maintained their green color, signaling freshness and retained quality, 33 days following the application of the treatment, which is longer than expected with commercial applications!

    These results could lead to more business pouring in for SVFD as the world learns about their game changing solutions!

    More impressive headlines:


    Save Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE: 80W) is in the right place at the right time.

    Agriculture stocks are benefiting from some huge trends. Inflation… food shortages… now is the time to be watching these companies closely.

    Did you know that more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied every year on U.S. farms, forests, golf courses and lawns? After countless studies… pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, ADHD, and even birth defects.

    We are in a global food crisis where a food shortage is leading to hunger. Plant pathogens are costing hundreds of billions each year while pesticides continue to be a health and environmental concern. 

    SVFD’s technology and oxidizers, protect fresh fruit and vegetables from microbial spoilage and foodborne pathogens that are responsible for decay and can cause foodborne illnesses.

    Not only that, but the legal cannabis space is also seeing pathogen infections and represents another colossal market for them to zoom in on…

    With a clear focus on enhancing food safety and shelf life of produce, Save Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE: 80W) may change the food game entirely and see colossal revenues at the same time!

    Save Foods, Inc. is a client of Tradigital IR, an investor relations and communications firm. Please see our disclosures in the research report as well as on our website




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