Media Attention is Building for Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) a Company with a Unique Approach to Exercise that Could Become the Next Ground-Breaking Fitness Company!

Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) is creating a brand-new health and fitness evolution while building shareholder value!

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    TRNR owns and operates CLMBR, FORME, and FORME GOLF; offering the best in specialty fitness equipment and virtual training.

    The Company’s Premium Digital Fitness Offerings are Ripe for Disruption in the $5.6 Trillion Global Wellness Space!


    The global wellness industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Staying healthy and looking good will never go out of style.

    An exciting category insight took the industry by storm not long ago—one that helps make exercise routines better and more consistent by delivering a boutique experience right at home. This evolution changed the at-home fitness market considerably as more consumers crave fitness at their own time and place of choosing.

    Combining the best personal training with on-the-go fitness, NASDAQ-traded Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) is capitalizing on this growing business model and is a compelling company to have your eyes on!


    This Fitness Company Competes with Peloton, but Its Business Model Looks Far Superior!

    Peloton Interactive revolutionized the fitness industry by bringing the cardio gym to the home. But it’s no secret that this former big name in at-home fitness is now struggling. The once-thriving fitness equipment maker has faced weaker demand, declining sales, and falling stock price.

    For investors looking for exposure to the fitness industry perhaps there’s another company to consider…. one with a potentially superior business model and one with tremendous growth potential!

    Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) is a digital fitness service that combines award-winning smart home gyms with 1:1 personal training (from real humans) to deliver an immersive experience and better outcomes for both consumers and trainers.

    Despite being a young company, TRNR is doing a lot more than Peloton and was averaging $1,650 per household!! This is versus Peloton whose annual membership runs around $500 a year.

    The average annualized recurring revenue per household more than tripled to $1,650, reflecting the impact of our strategy to introduce higher revenue training services to our premium smart home gyms. We believe this focus on generating significantly higher recurring revenue per customer than our peers will be the biggest driver toward our future profitability.”

    Co-founder and CEO Trent Ward

    TRNR is a Premium Digital Smart Home Gym Innovator Offering Virtual Personal Training Services Through Its Award-Winning Connected Hardware Products.

    Interactive Strength Inc. produces innovative specialty fitness equipment and digital fitness services under two main brands: 1) CLMBR and 2) FORME.

    • CLMBR is a vertical climbing machine that offers an efficient and effective full-body strength and cardio workout. CLMBR's design is compact and easy to move – making it perfect for commercial or in-home use. With its low impact and ergonomic movement, CLMBR is safe for most ages and levels of ability and can be found at gyms and fitness studios, hotels, and physical therapy facilities, as well as available for consumers at home.
    • FORME is a digital fitness platform that combines premium smart gyms with live virtual personal training and coaching to deliver an immersive experience and better outcomes for both consumers and trainers. FORME delivers an immersive and dynamic fitness experience through two connected hardware products: 1) The FORME Studio Lift (fitness mirror and cable-based digital resistance) and 2) The FORME Studio (fitness mirror). In addition to the company’s connected fitness hardware products, FORME offers expert personal training and health coaching in different formats and price points through Video On-Demand, Custom Training, and Live 1:1 virtual personal training.


    • Business stage and model offer high potential returns.
    • Commercialization opportunity:
      • Development complete 
      • Incremental capital leverages significant historical investment
    • Market and product provide growth and barriers to entry and offer high potential returns.
    • Attractive market and consumer: 
      • The Connected Strength category is underpenetrated and larger than the cardio market
      • Customer profile is affluent (>$200k HHI), and fitness spending is a relative staple in the household budge
    • An attractive business model:
      • High-value recurring revenues embedded in hardware drive higher return on capital
      • Defensive growth profile
      • Marketplace opportunity to consolidate virtual training market due to quality
    • A differentiated product:
      • Best smart home gym awards in 2023 from major publications
      • Strength product and technology platform has a high barrier to entry due to the significant upfront capital investment required
      • Unique trainer talent pool
    • Shareholder profile for long-term success.
    • Strong investor support:
      • Invested $100M+ in developing technology platform.
      •  Continued support from a base of 400+ investors
    • Long-term shareholders:
      • 18-month lockup for Company employees and certain existing investors
      • After 6 months, early release upon 30-day VWAP reaching
        • 150% of IPO price (⅓ released)
        •  200% of IPO price (⅓ released) 
        • 250% of IPO price (⅓ released)
        • This showcases a lot of optimism that smart money has about where TRNR may be headed!

    The company also has an impressive and experienced management team including a CTO who worked at Peloton!

    In the last year, TRNR’s premium smart home gym Forme has taken the fitness industry by storm!

    Men’s Health called Forme the Best New Mirror of 2023.
    Shape called Forme the Best At-Home Strength System of 2023.
    Good Housekeeping called Forme the Best in Concierge Fitness in 2023.

    FORME’s 1:1 Virtual Fitness Training Service

    FORME built its fitness business model on the belief that 1:1 relationships are essential components of well-being and fitness. That is why it offers a premium digital fitness service that gives each of its members sessions with the best workout buddy of all – a certified personal trainer. 

    FORME’s virtual fitness service is accessible through iOS and Android apps, as well as its smart gym mirrors. The service provides users with personalized fitness plans, progress tracking, and importantly, accountability through the provided training sessions with personal trainers.

    FORME’s platform connects users with highly qualified and certified trainers who specialize in various areas such as cardiovascular training, stress management, pre/postnatal training, nutrition coaching and injury prevention. Members get live 1:1 sessions with their trainers and get to build real relationships that provide them with the guidance and accountability necessary to see results.

    Additionally, FORME allows users to choose their trainer based on his or her coaching style. This guarantees a tailored experience that aligns with the member’s individual preferences. So whether a user prefers a technical and analytical approach, a laid-back style, or a fun atmosphere, FORME has a trainer to support them and help them meet their fitness goals.

    High Quality Personal Trainers 50 in-house and growing

    Matt Berenc

    VP. Live 1:1 Coach
    Experience: 20 years.
    Former Head of Equinox
    Fitness Training Institute

    Trainers prefer FORME for:

    • Quality of Life (downtime at home, not on gym floor or traveling to clients)
    • Efficient use of time, with combination of Live and Asynchronous coaching
    • Better Compensation
    • Customer acquisition managed by FORME
    • Continuing Education
    • Benefits

    Personal Training Generates Significant Incremental Recurring Revenue

    Note: 1. Estimate - FORME average recurring revenue assumes 40% penetration of training within member base, average of $300/month (30% mix of Custom Training, 70% mix live 1:1 - 5 sessions per month) Source: Company websites (Tonal monthly subscription - $59.95, Peloton monthly subscription - $44, MIRROR monthly subscription - $39)

    Growth Opportunity - Strength is Bigger than Cardio and Just Beginning

    Note: Cardio equipment includes biking (outside and stationary), treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardiovascular equipment Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (left), Peloton 10Q, Tonal and MIRROR installed base based off of internal estimates leveraging publicly available press releases. The internal analysis information herein speaks solely as of December 1, 2022 and is based on currently available information, various assumptions, analyses and internal estimates and are subject to change, including in the near-, short- and long-term, based on future events and other factors, some of which are outside the control of the Company.


    TRNR is helping golfers improve their golf game in just 12 weeks with a TPI trainer and training plan.

    With a golf fitness training program based on data from your TPI screen, they’ll increase their swing speed, improve their biomechanics and make their body the most efficient it can be on the golf course.

    Train like a pro.

    Become a better golfer by measurably improving your flexibility, range of motion, and power by working with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf fitness trainer.

    Workout from anywhere. No equipment required. Start today for just $799!

    What is the Titleist Performance Institute?

    Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the world's leading organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

    Major regions have had more golfers playing than ever before. So, how many golfers are there in the world? The answer is that there are 66.6 million golfers around the world which is an increase of 5.5 million since 2016. The market is extensive!



    It was in early 2024 that TRNR completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of CLMBR, Inc., ("CLMBR") the maker of the first-to-market connected vertical climber.

    The combined business is anticipated to generate between $15 million and $20 million in revenue in 2024, driven primarily by B2B sales to gyms, fitness studios and multi-family residential

    Equipment sales are expected to be largely generated by distributors, including WOODWAY, with minimal marketing expenditure.

    The business is anticipated to be cashflow positive and adjusted EBITDA profitable potentially as early as the fourth quarter of 2024.

    CLIMBR is one of the safest and most effective full-body workouts.

    This is an unmatched workout experience made for your body's natural movement. CLMBR is where primal movement meets state-of-the-art training!


    Climbing is low-impact and full-body, allowing for life-long use without negative consequences.


    Combined cardio and strength allow you to achieve higher output in less time. Say goodbye to separate leg and arm days. They've now become one.


    Studies have shown that heart rate and maximum rate of oxygen consumption are significantly higher while vertical climbing.*

    *Brahler, Jayne C and Sally E Blank. ...Climbing elicits higher VO2Max than does Treadmill Running or Rowing Ergometry. Washington State University, 1995


    Vertical climbing can burn up to 600 calories in a 30-minute session. Due to a higher V02 max, this high output allows the body to continue burning fat and calories hours after the workout

    CLMBR was exhibited at FIBO Global Fitness, the world's largest trade show for fitness, wellness and health in Cologne, Germany on April 11-14. FIBO is the annual main event where global leaders across the health and fitness industry gather to discover the latest equipment, products and services.

    This is the first year where the commercial version of CLMBR (the CLMBR 02) was available at FIBO Global Fitness. As a result of TRNR acquiring CLMBR and entering a Worldwide Exclusive Distribution Agreement with WOODWAY earlier this year, CLMBR is now available worldwide for commercial customers.

    CLMBR has already received exciting demand from commercial customers, which is concentrated around two main use cases the cardio floor and the group fitness room. Gym chains are already adding CLMBRs to the cardio floor and are often replacing elliptical machines to make room for the new equipment. Climbing is an efficient and effective full-body strength and cardio workout, and one that can result in greater posterior chain activation.

    Study Highlights Key Component of TRNR’s Fitness Offerings

    The Washington Post has highlighted a Japanese study on the importance of a buddy for improving fitness results. This study seems to confirm the approach taken by digital fitness company Interactive Strength Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR).

    The study found that those who exercised in groups at least twice a week were less at risk of cognitive impairment compared to those who exercised alone. Social exercisers reduced their risk of cognitive impairment by 34% when compared with those who didn’t exercise at all, while those who exercised alone only reduced their risk by 22%.

    The findings highlight the particular benefits that social exercise has for older adults, suggesting that regular social exercise can act as a preventive measure against cognitive decline. Inactivity is a risk factor for dementia, while regular exercise with socialization has demonstrated positive effects on cognitive function and in some cases can modify the structure of the brain.

    The Fitness Industry is Worth $22.4 Billion to the U.S. Economy, Says New Report!

    Data from a new report from John Dunham & Associates (JDA) show how valuable the health and fitness industry is to the nation’s economy. Commissioned by the Health & Fitness Association, the JDA report says that the industry is responsible for $22.4 billion of economic activity.

    The at-home fitness equipment market size is anticipated to grow from USD 8.07 Billion in 2022 to USD 17.91 Billion in 10 years. The market ought to witness a positive growth rate owing to rising health and fitness consciousness across developed and developing nations.

    The pandemic's most noticeable impact on the at-home fitness equipment market led to the rise in demand for at-home workout programs.


    Through years of research and development, Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) has developed the smartest business model compared to its peers that is designed to generate high annual recurring revenue. 

    The Peloton brand became a household name, and other similar products like the Mirror, Hydrow, and Tonal also entered the market, backed by celebrity endorsers. TRNR is creating a new evolution of fitness and is at the beginning of its growth story.

    The Company’s management includes industry leaders who bring strength in finance and fitness: Trent Ward, Chief Executive Officer, who had a successful career in finance having worked at Citadel, Deepak Mulchandani, Chief Technology Officer, who was Head of Engineering at Peloton. 

    TRNR is also differentiated as the only company to offer live 1:1 and asynchronous coaching memberships from the industry’s highest quality personal trainers!

    There is a big innovation push within the made for consumer fitness equipment market. The evolution of fitness machines has been taken to new heights by the tech sector and smart home gym connected hardware have been the latest rage.

    Imagine having the perfect gym and your own, real personal trainer (not AI) and if that gym wasn’t across town, but in your living room. TRNR is offering just that and this emerging company is connecting consumers with personal trainers and introducing a new way to train from home.

    There have always been proponents of at-home workouts, but the justification for many to avoid the gym is now more profound than ever. This will undeniably affect the popularity of gyms moving forward and emphasize the growing at-home workout arena

    This Has Created a MASSIVE Opportunity for Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) to Become the Next Household Name in Fitness Space!


    Learn More about Interactive Strength, Inc. by gaining access to the latest research report

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