The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Has Gone All in With a Groundbreaking Partnership with UK’s Leading AI Innovator: Rezolve AI.

Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE) is Ushering in a New Era of eCommerce with a Game-Changing AI Platform!

A Recent Wall Street Debut and a Breakthrough Partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Make NASDAQ: ZONE an Exciting Company to Have on Your Immediate Radar!

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    The tremendous potential of Rezolve’s AI Platform has caught the attention of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

    NASDAQ: ZONE CEO Dan Wagner has secured a pivotal deal for the company with Saudi Arabia! The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Rezolve AI have forged a pioneering MOU to establish themselves as global AI market leaders.

    The collaboration with the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) has the potential  to revolutionize the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape, establishing an AI Centre of Excellence in Saudi Arabia as a cornerstone of Vision 2030's innovation and development goals.

    Pictured above are ZONE CEO and Chairman Dan Wagner and Saleh Al-Khabti, the Deputy Minister of Investment Transactions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Key Highlights of the Partnership:
    • Establishment of an AI Centre of Excellence in Saudi Arabia: To serve as a hub for innovation, leveraging Rezolve AI's unique technology to navigate and solve the industry's pressing challenge of AI hallucinations, ensuring the creation of reliable and ethical AI solutions.
    • Creation of Global Market Leaders: In partnership with the Ministry of Investment, the goal is to launch at least five AI ventures in diverse market sectors, funded and headquartered locally, each aspiring to become global market leaders. These ventures will leverage Rezolve's cutting-edge AI Large Language Model (brainpowa) to foster innovation and ensure global leadership without succumbing to AI hallucinations.

    Why is this a Pivotal Milestone for Rezolve?

    Saudi Arabia is emerging as a vibrant and sophisticated technology innovator with some extraordinary initiatives such as their $500bn Smart City NEOM (which is just one of many examples). 

    Just like they have done in football by bringing the world's best players to the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has recruited some of the world’s best talent in Artificial Intelligence, placing them in the SDAIA (Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence).

    The Kingdom’s interest and recognition of Rezolve’s proprietary patents and processes in AI speaks volumes about the promising future for the company!

    With notable serial technology and internet entrepreneur Dan Wagner at the reins, Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE) looks well-positioned for BLUE-SKY growth with Brain: an AI platform reshaping e-Commerce!

    Who is Rezolve?

    UK-based Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE) is revolutionizing mobile engagement by offering an AI-powered platform that transforms interactions for merchants with customers into personalized, conversational, online shopping experiences.

    Not that long ago British data scientists unveiled Rezolve’s Brain Assistant, a real-time conversational search engine that includes the ability for a user to upload content for analysis and interrogation, marking a ground-breaking shift in how users interact with the internet.

    Unlike traditional search engines and AI models like ChatGPT, Brain offers an interactive experience that compiles and analyzes real-time data, delivering comprehensive and sensible answers to user queries. By providing analysis, Brain ensures users are always up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

    Brain is not just providing information; it is providing understanding. Rezolve’s technology sifts through the vast expanse of the internet to deliver the most relevant, up-to-the-minute results in a conversational manner.

    'Brain’, an advanced large language model, was designed to redefine business and commerce. The company’s Instant Checkout and Point-of-Sale platforms speed customers through the check-out process, making it easier for businesses to thrive and for customers to get what they need.

    Key differentiating factors:

    1. Personalized Experience: Upon logging into the app, users engage in a conversation with Brain. This interaction is automatically personalized, ensuring that every request, response, recommendation, and filter aligns with the user’s preferences and context.
    2. Contextualized Conversations: Users can further contextualize their queries, leading to highly refined and personalized result sets. Brain understands user intent and delivers tailored responses accordingly.
    3. Instant Checkout: Brain Commerce streamlines the checkout process with a one-click feature. Users can save their payment details, simplifying future transactions. Brain remembers user preferences, creating a hyper-personalized experience upon their return.
    4. Conversational AI: The future of e-commerce is undeniably changing with the integration of conversational AI. Brain Commerce revolutionizes how we query, search, browse, and navigate the digital realm, mimicking the experience of walking into a physical retail store with perhaps a better outcome.

    As eCommerce continues to explode, Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE)’s Brain’s cutting-edge features set it apart in online retail. Keep on reading to discover how the company is capitalizing on the burgeoning online retail landscape while aiming to build shareholder value!

    The Opportunity

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing nearly every industry. In the last couple of years, the world got a firsthand look at remarkable advances in AI technology from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Microsoft and Google. Piggybacking on AI’s stellar growth, Nvidia has become one of the biggest winners with consistent blowout quarters and a trillion-dollar valuation.

    One massive industry that AI is embracing is the E-commerce landscape, which is evolving at an unprecedented pace.

    The way people shop has changed, and so have their expectations. Customers today want to receive a personalized experience when shopping online, and when retailers deliver that experience, they’re rewarded with a 40% increase in revenue!!

    • By 2032, the e-commerce AI market is expected to reach $45.72 billion.
    • 84% of e-commerce businesses place AI as their top priority.
    • AI for e-commerce delivers more than a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue, or cost reduction.
    • With only 1 in 10 retailers admitting to fully implementing personalization across all channels, it’s a huge untapped opportunity.
    • Almost all Americans (97%) own a mobile phone. This translates to 330.8 million people. About nine out of 10 of Americans own a smartphone. Each day Americans spend 4 hours and 30 minutes on their mobile phones and check their phone 144 times per day

    These statistics not only help demonstrate the growing importance of AI in the eCommerce arena but also explain why Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE) could quickly become the next big winner with its transformative AI platform, ‘Brain’!

    The Top Reasons to Have ZONE on Your Radar:

    1. The introduction of Brain arrives as Rezolve AI Limited makes its NASDAQ listing under the ticker symbol ZONE, marking a milestone in the company’s journey and reinforcing the UK’s leadership in the global AI industry.
    2. An experienced management team with deep expertise in AI and eCommerce is at the helm driving growth. This includes CEO Dan Wagner, a serial technology entrepreneur having created several successful tech businesses over 30 years (MAID, Venda, Powa, Rezolve etc.). He was one of the youngest CEOS of a public company.
    3. A groundbreaking partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiative is integral to Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision, positioning the Kingdom not just as a leader in AI technology but also as the foundation for global AI-driven companies. It also solidifies ZONE’s position in the AI boom as an integral player.
    4. A proprietary and patented natural language AI technology driving adoption and scale across eCommerce and customer engagement.
    5. The company stands at the vanguard of the mobile eCommerce industry, providing an engagement platform, powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning.
    6. Differentiated business positioning addresses key AI pain points across industries.
    7. A multiple-pronged revenue model and go-to-market strategy with a strong financial profile and operating leverage. Rezolve generates revenue by charging merchants a subscription-based fee for using the platform.
    8. Clear levers for accelerating growth -- more data, features, and new industries. This includes expanding Brain’s capabilities across new products and industries (e.g. media, hospitality, call-center functionality, finance, etc.)
    9. A goal to cement Rezolve as an all-encompassing intelligence platform that powers all eCommerce decisions.
    10. Multiple large and growing addressable markets with strong tailwinds.

    Introducing Rezolve Brain:

    The AI platform for eCommerce

    Developed by the expert team at Rezolve led by Dr. Salman Ahmad, ‘Brain’ is a product discovery engine that redefines eCommerce interactions.

    By harnessing proprietary sophisticated algorithms, advanced machine learning, and natural language processing, Brain behaves like a highly knowledgeable sales assistant, armed with unparalleled product information and insight.

    With Brain, consumers can engage in eCommerce sites conversationally, asking detailed queries and receiving responses that exhibit deep product understanding and relevance. These interactions can be carried out in any one of 95 different languages allowing instant interaction regardless of nationality and retail store. This approach to product discovery and customer interaction revolutionizes the eCommerce landscape, offering a level of personalized service previously unseen.

    Utilizing innovative AI and GPT models based on the company’s proprietary LLM – BrainPowa – which has been trained specifically for eCommerce, Brain transforms online stores, call-centers, social media interactions, and even in-store kiosks into personal, conversational, and efficient online shopping experiences that increase orders and reduce costs.

    Dan Wagner, Chairman, CEO and founder

    “Brain is more than a product; it is a catalyst for a new era of business efficiency, empowering organizations to harness data and deliver superior customer experiences. Brain is the culmination of decades of sophisticated British technical engineering and Brain today leads the world in Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models engineered for commerce“

    AI for Retail

    Rezolve Brain is an AI-powered platform for ecommerce businesses to optimize their online stores with enriched taxonomies, personalized recommendations and a conversational AI-powered shopping interface.

    Rezolve’s Brain technology delivers personalized product recommendations for each visit based on what it learns about products and customers. Customers can ask questions about products without having to pick up the phone, while ordering is quick and simple through Rezolve’s trademark Instant Checkout experience.

    The company’s solutions enable retailers, brands, and manufacturers to create robust connections with their consumers. With advanced analytics, personalization, and cross-channel engagement features, Rezolve helps businesses drive commerce and engagement like never before.

    How does Brain Work?

    Just Ask Brain!

    Customers tell Brain what they are looking for, using either voice or keyboard, and Brain does the rest. No more navigating through endless product categories or generic search results. Customers just ask, and Brain delivers: increasing both customer satisfaction and conversions.

    • Easy Interactions
    • Personal Recommendations
    • Seamless Transactions
    • Active in 95 Languages

    Elevate customer experience with AI-powered personalization.

    One of the key benefits of Rezolve’s platform is its ability to help businesses personalize the customer experience. With AI-powered recommendations and personalized content, businesses can provide a tailored experience for each customer, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase and building a strong relationship with the brand.

    Connect with customers anytime, anywhere with our integrated platform.

    Another key feature of Rezolve’s platform is its ability to help businesses connect with customers across multiple channels. By integrating with social media, email, and other channels, our platform helps businesses reach customers where they are, with the right message at the right time.

    Elevating businesses with AI-powered technology and driving growth like never before.

    For businesses looking to take their retail, brand, or manufacturing business to the next level, Rezolve’s AI-powered platform is the perfect solution. With advanced analytics, personalization, and cross-channel engagement features, the platform can help drive commerce and engagement like never before.

    Enhancing retail experiences and enriching content with the latest AI technologies:

    Personalized Web Experience

    With Brain, every online storefront can be personalized to each individual user. A simple central search bar replaces outdated navigation systems, creating a unique, customer-centric shopping experience.

    In-Store Kiosks

    Brain’s power extends beyond your screen. Brain also enhances physical retail spaces, powering in-store kiosks to guide customers according to their specific needs. Shopping malls and retail stores become easy to navigate, personalized experiences.


    Empower leading social selling channels with the richest product intelligence possible to ensure customers are able to make quick and frictionless purchase decisions. Brain buy.

    Customer Support

    The ultimate resource to educate and inform customers on any topic relevant to businesses, products, suppliers, and content. Available as both a customer-facing solution and a Call Center resource, Brain is fueled by data and understood by Rezolve’s unique and proprietary AI.

    What’s being said about Brain?

    • Chief Data Scientist Dr. Senka Krivic – Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, who has been testing the Brain technology has said: “Brain Assistant is a game-changer in the world of search engines. Its ability to compile and analyze real-time data in a conversational manner sets it apart from anything else on the market. It has the potential to revolutionize how we access information and stay informed in today’s fast-paced world.”
    • Dr. Salman Ahmed, CTO of Rezolve AI has said: “Brain Assistant is a revolutionary leap in conversational assistants, combining real-time processing of internet and user-ingested data to accurately and precisely answer natural language queries. Our algorithms and models perform deep analyses of the original prompts/queries and perform multidimensional lookup matching processed data to formulate correct responses using the power of generative AI.”
    • Michelle Donelan, the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, said, “Rezolve’s Brain is yet another example of great British AI innovation. AI has the potential to transform our public services, create better jobs and grow our economy. Alongside our global leadership on AI safety, the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology is driving innovation throughout the UK, creating the environment for companies to start-up and grow.”
    • Saurabh Chandra, Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group’s Platinion, AI pioneer and an Ex Amazon and Flipkart veteran said: “Rezolve’s conversational AI offering – Brain – is perfectly aligned with the changing trends in the retail industry and has the potential to be a game-changer. Not only is it enhancing the consumer experience & driving business growth, but it also delivers real time insights using Data & AI/ML (machine learning), at scale. Brain is at the vanguard of AI developments based on distributed computing, federated data architecture, effective AI/ML models and an open API interface providing a plug & play experience for B2C & B2B customers and their ecosystems.”

    A Unique Platform Designed to Solve Mission Critical AI Pain Points

    • Brain’s proprietary technology is trained on industry specific terminology and eCommerce data exclusively.
    • The company believes this highly specific and customizable model leads to far more accurate and appropriate output for commerce queries.
    • Rezolve offers the ability for enterprises to store their own data in self-custodial channels
    • Multi-pronged delivery model through either a SaaS or ‘On Prem’ license, giving customers optionality based on security needs.
    • Brain is highly customizable for partners’ specific needs.
    • Brain can be trained for a specific focus in a tight product set.


    German Fintech company The NAGA Group AG (XETRA: N4G, ISIN: DE000A161NR7), operator of the All-in-One Financial Super App, has a ground-breaking partnership with Rezolve AI Limited.

    NAGA provides an online social trading platform (both Web and App) for Social Trading, allowing its users to invest in different assets such as currencies, stocks, ETF’s, commodities and crypto all together with its own unique ePayments solution. Rezolve’s 'Brain', with its advanced AI algorithms, machine learning, and its NLP engine (natural language processing) capabilities, will enhance NAGA’s ability to offer NAGA users a unique AI experience that is set to revolutionize the traditional way of experiencing online social trading and mobile payments.

    The integration of Rezolve's AI platform, 'Brain', into NAGA's proprietary technology and its social trading app, 'NAGA Trader’ as well as ‘NAGA Pay’ is set to redefine NAGA current and new users experience, provide real time personalized and intelligent market analysis, enhance trading proficiency as well as automate payments across multi languages.

    Händlerbund, Europe's largest online trade association, has joined forces with Rezolve AI, the innovative mobile engagement and commerce platform. This strategic alliance aims to supercharge the e-commerce experience for over 200,000 merchants in the DACH region.

    Händlerbund, renowned for its comprehensive services and support for online retailers, will harness Rezolve's cutting-edge AI technology to turbocharge its marketplace for product discovery and recommendations. The initial focus will be on integrating Rezolve's Brain Assistant and Brain commerce solutions into Händlerbund's marketplace.

    Rezolve's Brain Assistant will provide valuable information and personalized product recommendations to users, enhancing their overall shopping experience. Meanwhile, the Brain commerce platform will offer a seamless and personalized shopping experience, driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction for Händlerbund's extensive network of merchants.

    As the primary contractor for Rezolve, Händlerbund will actively market these innovative solutions through various channels, including social media, newsletters, and direct sales to larger merchants.

    Rezolve AI’s partnership with Händlerbund is poised to revolutionize e-commerce in Germany and overhaul the traditional model of online shopping. Germany could be just the beginning for the company as it continues to introduce the world to Brain: a game-changing AI platform.

    Multiple Large and Growing Addressable Markets

    In Summary…

    The rise of eCommerce businesses on platforms like Magento and Shopify has showcased the dramatic shift retail has made from brick and mortar to the online world.  

    Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE)’s AI platform Brain is poised to redefine the future of eCommerce. It is transforming online retail and offering a paradigm shift in user experience!

    Catching the attention and investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is monumental to the exciting potential of ZONE and its AI offerings.

    To recap… with Brain, consumers can engage eCommerce sites conversationally, asking detailed queries and receiving responses that exhibit deep product understanding and relevance. These interactions can be carried out in any one of 95 different languages allowing instant interaction regardless of nationality and retail store!

    This approach to product discovery and customer interaction revolutionizes the eCommerce landscape, offering a level of personalized service previously unseen.

    The recent NASDAQ listing and partnership with Saudi Arabia are huge milestones for Rezolve AI Limited (NASDAQ: ZONE) and represent the next chapter in the company’s evolving story with unprecedented potential growth ahead!


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